What is Blogging – How to Make a Free Blog

What is blogging?


Blogging is a profession, which includes all the steps, techniques and activities to write a blog post. To know that what is blogging to make money and how to make a free blog, you must read the article completely, because It is one of the best professions in the world, which is not fixed for a specific gender. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, Including housewives and moms can adopt it to share their expertise and can show their passion to the world, as well as to support their families. You need just a laptop, tab or simple computer, etc. with a good internet connection. Click to learn about how to start a blog on the WordPress platform.

In this article, you will get information about the following topics.

In our journey of this article with the title, what is blogging and how to make a free blog, the following areas will be covered.

  • What is Blogging?
  • Types of Blogging.
  • What is the blog?
  • What is the difference between website and blog?
  • How to earn money from blogging?
  • Who decides the CPC?
  • How to make a free blog?

Types of Blogs

here will be names of most popular blogs, for your information..

1-Personal Blog

2-Niche Blog

3-Travel Blog

4-Corporate Blog

5-Trend Blog

6-Guest Blog

7-Affiliate Blog

What is Blog?

A blog is a website having informational or discussion content, published on the W.W.W(World Wide Web) consisting of distinct. The blog is like informal diary-style posts or entries, Which you update on a regular basis and whatever is new will be on the top.  It is called the RCO (Reverse Chronological Order). Normally run by a single person but also run by a group of people to put information in a conversational style. All this process is called blogging

Explained in a simple way:

Friends whenever you need to get information about anything, anything, “yes”.  You just type it on Google search engine to search it; In internet language, it is called keyword. in response to your typed keywords, Google shows you a long list of websites as a result of your query or question. You go and click one of the websites there and find your related answer. Here is the question that who put those websites or information there on the internet, and where is this information actually. It is an actually different website, which Google includes in its dictionary or data. That is why when you type some keyword on Google, Google searches that where is that information is actually laying or which blog or website has that information, Then Google shows you that related information. The person who uploads that information is called Blogger. And from where you find that information is called a blog.

when you update the blog on regular basis as per audience requirement, google collects the keyword (which are actually phrases or word in the blog)through its mechanism (search bots) and prepare a list in its search engine, when someone search specific keyword from anywhere, then google displays the result on his screen and he comes to that specific site.

Difference between website and blog

Website actually updates occasionally, you will see a static page with a fantastic and moving slider in front of you every time you visit it. But the blog is a dynamic like a digital diary, which has become more advanced, which updates on a regular basis and whatever is new will be on the top. But on the web site, we can put our new content or post/page anywhere according to our wish.

How to earn money from blogging:

Not only the blogger even google also generate its most of the income through advertisements. not only Google every media like tv, radio, and newspapers earn most of its money through advertisement. The same situation when we use the internet and use any of the platforms of Google like YouTube, blog or website or mobile application, google shows its advertisements and earn money.

Now when you make a blog or Vlog whatever, you tie yourself with Google’s ad program (AdSense) and attach it with Google. Google says, if you will show its advertisement on your blog and whatever earning will come through visitors, it will give a specific commission to you. This deal happens between Google and bloggers. When any visitor comes to your blog from anywhere, he will see some advertisements, it is totally Google’s or Adsense platform’s responsibility, that how will it show these advertisements. There is no headache for the blogger.

Your responsibility is to bring traffic, mean to say more people should visit and read your blog. When any of the visitors click the advertisement on your page, whatever earning comes from it, Google gives you a specific commission from it. Mean to say if there is more quality content is there more visitor will come, which bring for you more earning.

Who Decides CPC (Cost Per Click)?

It is an advertiser who decides the price for a click.

How to write a Blog:

The following things should be considered to write a better blog post.

  • The topic of the blog
  • Eye-catching and interesting tile
  • Unique and Quality content
  • Capturing and interesting content
  • Relevant images and videos

Steps to get fast Earning from blogging:

  • SEO friendly permalink
  • SEO friendly Meta description
  • Social media marketing of your blog
  • Search engine optimization of your blog

How to Make a Free Blog on Blogger:

It is free because here you will not pay for your domain and hosting. You can choose any platform, like Blogger, Word press,  Wix, etc. Here we will know only about Blogger. Visit to know how to start an online business for free.

It is very easy; all steps will be described to you step by step.

Let us start the journey of blogging.

Go to Google search tab, and type blogger, press enter. You will find the 1st link for blogger. The blogger page will open for you. The important thing that, You need one Gmail account to get started on a blogger. It is actually a free service, where you can make a blog and earn as well.

Here are images for your proper guidance about what is blogging how to make a free blog?

blogger site


create a blog

It comes first with Title required field. So, write a title for your blog. This is the most important because it will tell the visitor that what is actually inside of this blog.

Blog Address:

Then select and write your blog address, which will be with blogspot.com BlogSpot will come with your URL because you are making a free blog. It will be permanently there until you attach any other custom domain, which will be paid definitely.


It means an interface or look for the visitors; we have some free themes here on blogger, which we can choose. We can also choose a paid theme from the internet, which has surely more benefits than a free one.

Anyhow, after selecting a theme, click on the create blog button, and your blog is ready for your 1st post.


You will find there more language options to choose for your blog, and enough helping options to write your post. Like, insert of images or videos, links, labels, schedules.

  • Link option to link your post with other pages or sites.
  • Insert images or videos
  • Labels, if you want to write more than one topics
  • Schedule, if you want to publish your post according to your desired time.
  • Permalink, you can custom it as you wish. it is actually your post unique URL.

You can check your visitor’s stats, ad sense details, and ad wards details if you want to do an advertisement for your blog. You can put different gadgets also, like followers, images, blog search, etc.

Then click on PUBLISH

Click on View Post button to check your blog.

Now, If you want to change your theme, you have options there. You can do it with a click.

start blogging

I hope, now your concept is clear that what is blogging and how to make a free blog, Go ahead, Have a nice journey…

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