40 Unique Online Business Ideas

40 unique online business ideas
use skills to earn online money

Nothing is unique in this world but anything can be unique that you need. Whatever are your skills, you’ll find happiness among this list of 40 unique online business ideas to undertake in the future. And to facilitate your research, I did a special effort for you that, I categorized online business ideas to better understand.

  • The Writer
  • The designers
  • The photographers and videographers
  • The technicians and engineers
  • The coaches
  • The professors
  • The marketers
  • The consultants
  • The shops
  • The intermediaries
  • The hirers
  • The managers
  • Various

Although these ideas are all about internetwork, some of them can also be practiced offline. It is possible that you have seen more examples of online entrepreneurs, who set up their businesses but they took much time to validate their business idea before creating their websites. Because building a website or a blog does not mean launching a “profitable business”.And your goal is to find your profitable business ideas first.

This list of unique online business ideas will help you greatly because every idea listed here has already proven itself. But that’s not enough! Choosing a business from a list is one thing. Acting concretely to make it viable in your level is another.

Let us Start Our Journey of Unique Online Business Ideas

The writers

A growing variety of entrepreneurs need online content in the form of articles, stories, descriptions of products and services, reports and more. If you are good with words, you can easily be part of those who create these contents. Talented editors have a myriad of opportunities to build a business around their writing service.

1-Article writer

In online field content is considered as a king, all the website empires will be promoted if the king in good shape or condition from all aspects. Many bloggers and webmasters don’t have to arrange proper content for their sites. If you have the knack to write unique stories with attractive words, then you adopt it one of your unique online business ideas. You can use different platforms to get your business, like Fiverr, upwork, etc. 

2- Ghostwriter

Long called “literary nigger” (name of which I am not a fan) the ghostwriter is the anonymous subcontractor author of a text signed by another person.

The job of “ready feather” is not new. In short, if you have the talent to do research and create quality content on behalf of others, you will always find work from this one of your unique online business ideas. This can be blog articles, magazines, books and more.And the better your writing level, the more customers you will find ready to pay you the high price.

The designers

3- Graphic designer

Posters, flyers, logos, business cards, book covers, restaurant menus, product packaging … and the list is still long.

We are surrounded by graphics.

If you touch software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign and you’re overflowing with creativity, this is your area for one of the unique online business ideas. Nothing prevents you to start with some personal creations story to show your work to your future customers.

Focus first on finding your first customers. And once you have some, you can take the time to create your portfolio online.

4- Web Designer

Think of these millions of sites on the web! A constantly increasing number each year. So, if you master the art of designing structured and organized web interfaces for an optimal navigation, unemployment will always be an unknown concept for you. Then why are you delaying to choose this one of the unique online business ideas? Often combined with graphics, this discipline generates an exponential demand.

profitable online business ideas
Web designing is easy with Coding free CMSs

But as a beginner, start small. For example, you can focus on sites and themes using WordPress technology to get you started. Many small businesses are content with a basic presence to promote themselves on the web. Because they do not always have a big budget.Approach these modest businesses at first. Offer them a simple site creation with a maintenance service on time.

So, you get your hands on the business before going any further and maybe eventually build your own web agency. It is also a good example of women’s online business ideas.

5- Illustrator

Pure graphics and web design are not your cups of tea? You feel more in tune with the drawing, you get bored with the graphic tablets and you are overflowing with creative ideas.So, you have all the cards in hand to choose it one of your unique online business ideas to offer your services as an illustrator.Especially since the CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) allows you to be fast while having an easy exchange and correction with your interlocutor.Marcel Pixel is the perfect example.

6- Greeting Card Creator

Whether you are a designer, a photographer or a cartoonist,  this is also one of the unique and profitable online business ideas, where you can earn additional income, thanks to your style and original ideas.

For example, here are many sites that you can contact to sell your productions, Also by typing “Greeting Card” on Google, you will find many sites to be solicited.

When they get their idea, many freelancers register on employer/freelance matching platforms to find contracts. Upwork, Fiverr, 99Designs, Freelancer, Guru, etc. These interfaces abound on the Net and you will be tempted to register you too. No issue of being a female, it is also good as one of the online business ideas from home.

But beware!

These platforms have big drawbacks:

  •        You will have to pay them to enjoy all of their services and good visibility.
  •      The competition is such that most freelancers are selling at a discount.
  •     These are nests with boring customers, less inclined to pay you properly.

Photographers and filmmakers

7- Image Store Provider

If you have the ability for taking photos with a bit of technique and originality, why not sell your pictures on the sites of image banks? Adopt it as one of your unique online business ideas on a permanent basis. Many companies and bloggers use it regularly to capture the illustrations needed for their articles.Here is the Shutter stock to register as a seller and to start one of the profitable online business ideas. Their slogan “Make money doing what you love” makes sense here. You can also cash in your productions on iStockphoto.And these are far from the only sites. To find others, simply type “image bank” in Google.

The more you find, the more you will expand your chances of selling your photos, your drawings or your illustrations. Of course, if you are really talented, you will eventually create your own site with your portfolio. But for the moment, be content with this simple solution to quickly earn your first earning.

8- Video creator

It’s no longer a secret for anyone, video is a must today. Just scroll through your Facebook newsfeed to find out.

And if you have the skills to create quality videos, you do not have to worry anymore. Because the demand will only increase in the years to come. Try this one of the unique business ideas for you. Just make small videos in the areas of sales, animation or education. The most important thing is to satisfy the exact needs of the audience.

Technicians and engineers

Whatever your computer specialty, your job often gives you the ability to work independently.Have you ever thought about it seriously? Well, know that if you feel stuck in a box and you want to move, you are among the best to undertake on the internet in the future.

9- Mobile Application Developer

Do you have the skills to create applications for tablets and smartphones?

In this case, I certainly do not teach you anything by telling you that they invade the market. And this is one of the unique online business ideas for you.

So go for it!

With millions of apps for billions of downloads, the App Store and Google Play are a monstrous market. It has become one of the most profitable online business ideas in the world. Because more and more companies are want to increase their mobile presence and sales with their own application.And as most do not have the skills for this kind of development, they will not fail to entrust this task to an expert.A great opportunity for you to have it as one of your unique online business ideas.

10- Web developer

web developer as career online
web development basic languages

Like graphic designers, designers or web marketers, freelance developers are becoming more and more important in companies.

And the proportion of providers employed on permanent contracts is decreasing with the growing number of applications from self-employed workers. It can be one of the most successful online business ideas.

So, if you have good computer skills such as html, C ++, Python, JavaScript, Ruby or CSS you will have every chance to find many contracts.

These practices combine creativity, technical knowledge and require an almost daily upgrade because they are technologies that evolve at full speed.

11- Custom Software Developer

Today, software is an integral part of the life of any business, big or small.

We all need it to manage our business.

But despite all offers, many companies do not always find shoes to their feet. And they often need software tailored to their specific needs.

This is where you intervene with one of your unique online business ideas.

Contact these companies (or administrations) to design and implement their software for accounting, inventory management, image processing or any other use and make one of the most profitable online business ideas.

12- WordPress site specialist

Who does not know WordPress today?

This CMS is used by most small businesses wishing to have a presence on the web without getting too bored with the code.

Its “ease” of use is such that it represents a huge market (more than 40% of the websites in the world).

But the skills needed to master it take time. And many entrepreneurs simply cannot afford to spend weeks (or even months) setting up their site and managing their plug-ins.

Especially if they are novices and they understand nothing. So, if you are an expert in this, get started one of your most successful and unique online business ideas. You can create and administer the WordPress sites of these small businesses.

But beware! Because the domain is ultra-competitive.

So, here’s a little tip:

Choose a specific area. For example, specialize in creating e-commerce sites or sites for restaurants.

The more specific you are in the type of site that you propose, the more likely your prospects will be concerned and will be able to choose you as a provider.

The coaches

Finding a career that suits you as one of the most profitable and unique online business ideas perfectly is not easy.

This is why many people are turning to coach, a rather simple way to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

If you feel competent enough in a field to help others and are interested enough, offer your coaching services online.

Here are some examples that work.

13- Life Coach

I agree it’s the worst term that encompasses many areas.

Simply put, you offer individual coaching to your clients during their personal or professional transition.

Thus, you help them make better decisions and translate them into concrete actions during this period of change (or crisis) that seems insurmountable.

Life coaches are legion on the net. So do not forget to stand out. Choose a particular area and only address people with a specific problem.

For example, you can propose:

  •    Parental coaching
  •    Goal coaching
  •    Life-changing coaching
  •    Coaching appearance or branding
  •    Coaching to accompany bereavement or end of life

And if you are able to restore confidence and happiness through your listening skills, assistance, guidance, motivation, and planning, you have a profitable idea.

14- Business Coach

An activity that I practiced freelance for a few years.

Living abroad, I coached people via Skype to help them build their business.

And I can assure you that there is a big demand in the field! to choose it one of the unique online business ideas. If you’re passionate about business and you think you’re up to the task of helping people get started, there’s room for you in the business.

So, use your expertise and suggest to your customers a plan of attack so that they start their business serenely thanks to your personalized coaching.

15- Coach for Small Business

Where life coaches cater to individuals, corporate coaches cater to …? Yeah, easy for the shot. What is less important is knowing how to specialize in a specific field (as usual).

caching as profitable business

For example, coaches consulting firms and independent consultants to develop their business profitably by maximizing value to their clients. If you have good knowledge of the business world and can help entrepreneurs to improve their business for better results, enjoy this opportunity as one of the best business ideas.

16- Personal trainer

In these times of junk food and sedentary exacerbation, more and more people need to get back into shape. So, if you have the means to help these people become healthier, thinner or more muscular, you have everything to gain. This is one of the best and unique business activities that you can do online as much as locally.

personal coach
the personal trainer in the gym

Of course, if you start, do not try to compete with the big guys in the middle.

For example, you probably will not do the weight against a monster of bodybuilding coaching. Instead, follow steady professionals in the same field, who help overweight people lose weight with intermittent fasting. Start online sessions and make it you one of the profitable unique online business ideas with the parallel your work.


In the same vein as coaching, teaching is full of business ideas to launch on different media.

17- Distance Language Teacher

The advantage of online language teachers is that they can teach their art without being confined to the market.

So, you can start selling your freelance distance courses:

  •      Solo by Skype or Google Hangout
  •      Or via online teaching platforms (even if you now know what I think …)

If you have a diploma or flagrant proof that you have lived in a country for years to attest to your skills, you will be able to find clients willing to pay for conversational classes and will a boost for your one of the most profitable and unique online business ideas. And who knows, by experience, when you are full time, you may be able to create your own online courses or your revolutionary method.

18- Computer Teacher

You are rather a “jack-of-all” of computing?

You probably do not imagine the number of people who lack knowledge in the field around you. Whether your specialty is software, code or security, you have the perfect skills to get started in parallel with your work.

To start, position yourself on the one you master the most. And you will broaden your teaching fields as and when you need them.

Start by approaching your entourage. Ideally, you should already find some first customers.

Register on the forums that you tease and approach the people needing help.


19- Creator of marketing content (copywriter)

Whether for my own business or on behalf of my clients, I create marketing content for several years.

And with this experience, I can assure you that Copywriter is a very profitable business.

Growing startups established companies or Net influencers, all need quality marketing content to make their readers act in a specific way and make them want to buy.

 If you are expert to write:

  •      Sales pages
  •    Strategic email sequences
  •      From email capture pages
  •      White papers
  •      Effective marketing messages
  •      Or blogging articles focused marketing

And if you know how to make this content attractive enough to turn readers into customers then you have every chance of succeeding in this activity. Get registered online sites and get started one of your best and unique online business ideas.

20- Expert social networks

Did you know that many companies hire freelancers to manage their presence on social networks? A boon for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest addicts who can be paid to spend time on these networks.

Social media expert a successful online business idea.
use social media for business promotion

Thus, you work remotely 2 hours per day max to manage the social media of a company. Or at half-time, if you cumulate the providers. It is, therefore, one of the best and unique online business ideas to practice in parallel with your job. Another advantage: you can easily pick up customers. Just check their presence on the networks and detect bad management of their media:

  •     Posts too infrequent or bad hours
  •     Rotten or non-existent hooks
  •     Poorly chosen visuals etc

Then contact them by explaining exactly how you can fix all this for them. All businesses need to communicate about their brands online. But focus on those that address topics that you control. You will be more efficient and it will be more fun for you along with one of the profitable online business ideas without investment. Click here to learn in detail about the social media manager.

21- Google Ad Specialist

Everything is in the title…

If you have skills in the field of paid advertising on the Internet, this is a good way to make an income in parallel with your work.

So, manage the Adwords campaigns of companies. Help to boost their businesses and get your share from their profits.

The consultants

22- Marketing Consultant

Many companies may offer concrete products and services, they, unfortunately, do not sell.

That’s why they hire freelancers to advise them in their marketing campaigns.

These consultants accompany them in their overall strategy for:

  • Write the right contents
  • Create effective email campaigns
  • Build eye-catching sales pages
  • Present the benefits they bring to their prospect to buy, etc.

If you have strong marketing skills and you feel able to help these companies sell their products and services with these many levers, this job is for you, get it as one of the best and booming online business ideas. Click to learn about the details for a career in digital marketing field.

23- SEO Consultant

The majority of website traffic comes from Google.

And when you know that Google changes its algorithms hundreds of times a year, if you’re not an expert in the field, there’s enough to go crazy! Every year thousands of sites lose some of their readers because they have not been able to adapt to these changes. And who says the loss of readers says the loss of customers, so turnover. You can imagine how much companies want everything but that…

Most successful online business ideas

This is a great opportunity if you know about SEO, which is one of the most favorite and profitable online business ideas nowadays and in the future surely. Some tools like Semrush, Moz, ahref and google analytics tools allow you to see the evolution of visits to the sites of these companies over the months. Analyze their numbers and you will be able to solicit those who will need your services the most. Click for a detailed study about SEO experts.

24- Facebook advertising consultant

An idea is very similar to that of Google advertising specialists. It is also one of the best and unique online business ideas in the online field. because setting up a thoughtful Facebook Ads campaign can get a business off the ground very quickly. Make sure to specialize in this discipline and you can sell your consulting services as long as Facebook exists.

The advantage of this business is that the optimization of these campaigns requires constant maintenance work. You can, therefore, obtain long-term contracts with the companies for which you will work and make one of the profitable online business ideas for you. To do this, you will have to update your knowledge regularly, because, like Google, Facebook constantly changes its rules and technologies.

25- Productivity Consultant

Time is money is a universal truth!

True, because improving productivity means increasing the value of your time. But managing your time also means having better control over your life. Here lies the mission of productivity experts: helping busy people to make the most of their time in their daily lives as well as their business.

A result they get through two separate levers:

  •  Establishment of habits and effective actions
  •   Getting started with tools that improve productivity

Does time management have no secrets for you? Make it an activity.

26- CV/hiring consultant

  •  You know how to write resumes and crazy cover letters.
  •  Preparing for job interviews is a formality for you.

What are you waiting for to help people win employment contracts? For the record, when I was still employed, I changed businesses as I changed shirts. And I could afford it …

Cv writing an interesting online business idea

My resume worked well and I was so comfortable in face-to-face with recruiters that companies chose me very often. I was not more qualified than another. My secret was simply in my preparation. It gave me the idea to advise my friends. I started reworking their resume and then helped them prepare for their interviews. The deal: if they were hired, they paid me a restaurant evening.

To be honest, it was not expensive to pay but it amused me. I was doing a favor to a friend and had a good evening with him. It worked so well that I ended up making dozens.

Why did I stop? Because too many stingy never invited me to the restaurant after getting their job … the bastards! In short, your job is to take a critical look at your client’s resume and to brag about their strengths and skills in an optimal way. Do not forget the design. Because as you know, most resumes are ugly.

A professional CV has made it his specialty. By practicing this activity independently, you can go further by helping your clients prepare their interviews. Don’t delay to pick it as of your unique online business ideas. Note that you only need a computer and basic software to get you started.

Try it with a buddy or two at the start. And if you see that they are satisfied, go ahead.


27- Etsy seller

Do you have the talent to create homemade products?

most successful online business ideas
DIY whatever you can

Art, vintage collections, jewelry or any other custom creations can be easily sold through Etsy. So, it will be one of the most profitable and unique online business ideas. Etsy is the largest marketplace in the world for independent creators.  This business idea is perfect if you want to make money with your passion, without excessive investment and without leaving your job. You can start it as of your most successful online business ideas without high investment.

Here are 3 examples of the sale of handmade objects specific to this kind of shops:

Clothing manufacturing

The Internet creates enormous opportunities for people who can draw and sew custom clothing.

This can be for special events such as disguised parties, weddings or the birth of a child.

In short, if you have a style that suits you and you have always wanted to create your clothes, you now know how to pay your sewing machine.

Manufacture of soaps and cosmetics

Making your own soaps and cosmetics is less difficult than it seems. It’s all about time and patience.

Tape for example in Google: “DIY + cosmetics” .

You will be surprised to see the number of sites that teach you to make your own products.

Many people value homemade products. Especially if you add a touch of “organic” or “without chemicals”.

So, at work!

Jewelry making

When I lived in Argentina, I made a friend who made her own jewelry.

He went to get his stones in the mountains to make bracelets, pendants, and earrings. Then he was going to sell them in the tourist markets.

But he did not have an internet connection at his place …

You yes, then take this opportunity. Become artisan 2.0 using online shops to sell your productions.

28- Seller on TeeSpring

TeeSpring specializes in creating custom t-shirts.  You design your t-shirt, you set a price, you add a goal and you start selling. Teespring will do all the rest: from production to shipping and customer support. It is really a true example of profitable and unique online business ideas, where you will only have to pocket the profits (minus their commission of course).

If you can draw or create illustrations with software, this is a simple way to start your business on the net in a very short time. It is also a good example one of the unique online business ideas for women at home.

29- Seller on Amazon (shipped from Amazon)

Profitable online business ideas

No, no! Amazon does not sell only books and mass-market products. By using Amazon’s shipping service, you benefit from personal storage for your products as well as a shipping service. As soon as you make sales, Amazon recovers your products, packages them, and forwards them directly to your customers. you will not take any unnecessary headaches, like stock inventory, packaging the packages or delivery. It is one of the easy to start online business ideas.

Small problem: this system does not allow you to create a list of regular customers to sell in the long term. This forces you to always look for new opportunities.


30- Commercial to the commission

Many start-ups are looking for half-time paid commission salespeople. Especially when they start.

A job you can easily do at home and one of the unique online business ideas.

If you are good at connecting easily with people and you are not afraid to risk being kicked back (it happens), this freelance job might be right for you.

After all, aim for those who have money and who have a proven product.

You can, of course, broaden your search by typing on Google “startups 2018 or 2019” with the keyword of a field of activity that interests you.

And if you succeed in making them earn money thanks to your commercial skills, your professional future is assured and will feel proud of one of these unique online business ideas.

31- ​​Distributor of patented products

It does not happen overnight, but the idea is:

  •  You mark a product distributed exclusively abroad.
  •   You do your little study on the market to know if it is likely to be sold there in your country.
  • And you patent the product to sell in your country (Switzerland, Belgium, etc.).

Thus, you become an exclusive distributor.

Of course, you will have to travel to the country where the company owning the product is located.

And ask yourself the right questions before you start this one of the exclusive online business ideas as one of the unique online business ideas.

  •  Who will I contact to find the right products? Create a list of manufacturers in a given country.
  • Who will I sell to? A landmark in advance who will be ready to buy them.

For a manufacturer, it is never easy to find a distributor abroad. Here lies your advantage.

If you have correctly minimized your risks and have chosen a domain that you master, you have all the keys to gain a lot of money as a distributor.

So, invest smartly.

32- Buyer-reseller on eBay

The Internet offers you countless opportunities to buy and resell products to earn income in parallel with your work as one of the unique online business ideas. Like Amazon, eBay is an ideal marketplace for selling anything and everything.

With a bit of experience, you will quickly spot the products with which you can make you a lot of margins.

It’s up to you to find the right vein…

Target people who move urgently or make flea markets. And if you have flair, you can sell your finds up to 5 to 10 times their price.

33- Buyer of existing websites

Most sites are not worth it, but some of them can make you a lot of money.

So you can buy and resell websites like stocks and convert it into one of the unique online business ideas. You’ll have to rely on their traffic, current income, domain name, and other factors to get the most out of it.

Interested? Get started, this profitable online business idea.

The renters

34- Airbnb Host

You have a room too much at home?

Not only is Airbnb an excellent way to make money by renting one of your rooms, but it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, and one of the most profitable and unique online business ideas without high investment.

You can, of course, rent an entire apartment.

And if this apartment is near a tourist destination or a city center, you will have more chances to rent it a big part of the year.

I am a huge fan of Airbnb and I spend a fortune on this post because I travel all year long. In 2018 alone, I rented 6 apartments for 1 to 3 months each time. And I can assure you that the rents are not given …A boon for you.


35- Real Estate Advisor

Buying an apartment or a house with discernment is not easy.

This is why the majority of households get help from an expert to ensure their investment.

Do you already have a foot in real estate?

In short, this consists of connecting buyers and sellers, to negotiate and accompany them in the buying process by providing all the services necessary for their real estate transaction (apartment, house, land, business, etc.)

36- Independent accountant

Many growing startups are delegating the satellite tasks of their business to freelancers.

Human resources, administration, and accounting are the first jobs they outsource.

A job is perfectly suited to who wants to start parallel work to get started.

Because often it’s just a few hours of work a week to manage each client’s cash flow.

The accounting of these small companies does not shine by its complexity and will be largely within your reach.

And with million potential entrepreneurs are everywhere in the coming years, the market will only grow.

It’s up to you to enjoy it.

37- Tax Specialist

All companies must make sure they have reported their income. And the intervention of an expert is often necessary when it comes to:

  • Put the capital gains of their investments in the right boxes
  • Understand the subtleties of deductions and tax cuts
  • Or understand the tax impacts of a change of situation

The tax expert also advises on investment strategies, the declarations to be completed, the forms to be filed and the deadlines to be respected.

38- After-sales service manager

Many companies delegate their after-sales service to freelancers working directly from home.

The job is rather simple: answer questions that customers ask by mail or via social networks.

Of course, you are usually trained upstream to be able to answer the various queries correctly. It is known that most of the answers are prepared in advance. You can find this kind of offer by searching the internet.

This kind of job often does not ask you for more than 20 hours a week. Ideal if you are looking for one of the best and unique online business ideas with an income supplement next to your regular job.


39- Translator

If you can read and write another language perfectly? Enchaine the translations.

It is perfect and one of the unique online business ideas if you want to work remotely or in parallel with your work. This is how I started my first serious freelance job while still working full time.

So, if you are like me and you master a more specific vocabulary, think about offering your specialized translation services.


Do you know about it right? Go to companies that need to translate their legal documents.

An approach that you can apply to as many areas as there are specific languages ​​(science, marketing, etc.).

The more specialized you are, the more you can claim a high hourly rate and make it one of the most profitable online business ideas in the long run.

40- Virtual Assistant

Today, many companies do not have the means or the workload to hire a full-time assistant.

unique online business ideas

They, therefore, use the services of a virtual assistant. Practice more and more common in the workplace, it is growing as a unique online business idea coming days. And with the increasing development of home-based businesses and activities, demand will only increase for this one of the unique online business ideas as well. If you are someone organized and autonomous, offer your virtual assistant services to companies to:

  •  Check and reply to their emails
  •  Organize their to-do lists
  •  Update their blog or social networks
  •  Manage their calendar
  •   Or take charge of all other administrative tasks with the minimum of interaction

Especially since you will be able to approach successful people as entrepreneurs and build you a professional network.

So, ready to undertake in 2020?

Did you find your business idea? Have I forgotten that you would like to share it with me? Comment for that. So, let the community benefit. And share this list with your loved ones. So you will have the opportunity to discuss it together to motivate you.

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