40 Unique Online Business Ideas

40 unique online business ideas
use skills to earn online money

Nothing is unique in this world but anything can be unique that you need. Whatever are your skills, you’ll find happiness among this list of 40 unique online business ideas to undertake in the future.

Let us Start Our Journey of Unique Online Business Ideas

1-Article writer

In online field content is considered as a king, all the website empires will be promoted if the king in good shape or condition from all aspects. Many bloggers and webmasters don’t have to arrange proper content for their sites. If you have the knack to write unique stories with attractive words, then you adopt it one of your unique online business ideas. You can use different platforms to get your business, like Fiverr, upwork, etc. 

2- Ghostwriter

In short, if you have the skill to write such quality content, that would be enough to catch the reader up to end. Most importantly you are available for others to write in their name. you will always find work from this one of your unique online business ideas. you can provide online services as a weblog writer, stories for different digests, etc.

3- Graphic designer

Nowadays our life is surrounded by graphics, there is multiple software that is available for your help like adobe photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator, tec. It is better to get learning about this software and get started as one of the unique online business ideas. Hard work, patience, and proper training will make you perfect in the field.

4- Web Designer

It is one of the most demanding skills and the most lucrative business idea. the world is going to be a laptop world, with the spreading of online marketing. Almost every small or large business asking for their own web to reach potential customers, and also millions of websites and pages are already on the web, even the numbers are rising every day. So, in this scenario, web designers no doubts the most demanding skill to be successful in digital marketing. It is also a good example of women’s online business ideas.

profitable online business ideas
Web designing is easy with Coding free CMSs

5- Illustrator

this is the field of creative people, anyone who has an extraordinarily creative mind to create designs or drawings. he has a groud here to play his game. yeah of course as an Illustrator and it can be one of your unique online business ideas, where you can offer your services as an Illustrator. Like graphic designing, multiple software is available here also to support you in this mind-blowing field. for example CAD and Marcel pixel.

6- Greeting Card Creator

This is also one of the unique and profitable online business ideas, It is one of the very short and quick service’s skills to get extra and quick income as well. It can be used online and offline. But in the online field, there is a number of sites are available to sell your skills. for example Upwork, Fiverr, 99Designs, etc.

7- Image Store Provider

If you have the ability of photography and you have it as proven skill. So, adopt it as one of your unique online business ideas on a permanent basis. there are many platforms (Shutter stock, Image bank sites and iStockhotos) that are available to promote your work online where you can show your ability with an extra but handsome income.

8- Video creator

Although weblog has its importance vlogging or video blogging is on the top nowadays. In current marketing strategies video is a must convey your product message properly because most of the users use the smartphone most of the time of the day. Videos have vidual evidence to convince your potential customer. so, if you have proven skill to create quality videos, You can enter the field to pick as one of the unique online business ideas. Youtube is one of the biggest platforms along with many others like DailyMotion, Facebook, etc. Also, you have the option to create long or short video clips. Tiktok is one of the famous platforms to express and share your emotions, services for a large number of audience.

9- Mobile Application Developer

there is no doubt about mobile apps. importance. Most of the business brands already launched their Mobile applications to provide better access for the business. It made business communications on the fingertips. whatever the field of life mobile apps are prevailing everywhere. For example.Banks, hospitals, universities, government departments, etc. So, if you are an expert in program development, this is the best field to make it one of the unique online business ideas.

10- Web developer

web developer as career online
web development basic language

websites are also one of the important factors to promote businesses. Websites do great help to understand the business and product detail in detail. It is also the best way to convey business information and guidance to potential customers.

If someone has enough knowledge and skill in computer languages and codings like C++, Python, html, CSS, etc. He can start as a freelancer. More platforms are there to get started. one important point to understand that Develpors should always update themselves with day to day developing techniques.

11- Custom Software Developer

Like business websites software are also very important to run and manage a business easy and flexible way. Although standard business software is available in the market sometimes custom software is also needed. So, if you have programming skills to develop HR, inventory and account management software, this is your playground. just launch yourself online and make your own space and get earned.

12- WordPress site specialist

WordPress users are increasing like rocket nowadays. this is one best CMS Content management system to use. It is a developed CMS that can be used easily with the help of given plugins. Although it is simple and easy it needs to make settings with plugins, which everyone can’t do. So, learn WordPress management and get started online services of creation blogs, business sites and earn with your hard work and devotion.

13- Life Coach

this is a very special profession because here you need special and maximum level skills with a devotional attitude. if you have these qualities you can start your life coaching business to groom other’s life with reasonable earning. for this, you need to promote yourself on different platforms to get your clients. As soon as you got them you can use a different medium to start their coaching. It can be through skype, Imo, and short videos tutorials. You should prepare yourself and your lecture about every specific problem, the issue in your client’s life. you will have to give them a proper way out or solutions about their goals and normal routine life.

14- Business Coach

Same as life coaching business coaching also a career full of responsibilities. here is the opportunity for highly skilled people with the experience of the business market. whatever the profession, if you think that you are the one to use your knowledge and experience to groom other businesses, then what are you waiting for. Just step forward and get started. The important point is that you should listen to all the problems with great patience to ensure your client that you are only that has fully interested to grow his business. as soon as you realized your client about your sincerity then nothing will stop to grow you in his business circle. that is a business promotion trick also.

15- Coach for Small Business

Skills are the key to get handsome earning in current days. Small business coaching is one of the additional branches of business coaching. Here if you are an expert in any specific field you can serve more clients at a time because of lesser business activities. Some people have extra money but they don’t have enough information to start a business at a lower scale. This is your time to give a professional entry. It can be started online and offline. more opportunities are available to promote your business online and offline platforms. for example, Gym, supermarket, Banquet hall business, building construction, etc.

caching as profitable business

16- Personal trainer

In the current busy lifestyle, most people have not enough free time to make them fit. we are living in the machine world and using junk foods, it is out a wish or not but you are forced to do so. So, here people need a coach, trainer, or guide to bring them in a healthy circle. If you have some health-related knowledge or physical formation knowledge.

personal coach
the personal trainer in the gym

You can promote yourself on social media and will find the people who are willing to make their life healthy. you can make a gym or bodybuilding center to make people healthy. For promotion, you have online platforms, where you can upload your short promotional videos to attract and motivate your potential customers.

17- Distance Language Teacher

Foreign language learning always is a need and passion for the people, whether they are looking for some work permits or educational purposes. Mostly developing countries’ citizens learn developed countries’ languages. For you, If you are luckily citizens of those countries or born there and have some proof to show that you are the one who is the best guy to teach language. for this purpose recorded lectures in CDs or could be uploaded on youtube and other social media for promotions and for the clients also. Online classes via Skype, Messenger, etc. can be held easily.

18- Computer Teacher

Although we are living in a modern age, in other words, internet and laptop world but still there is a number of people who don’t know about computer and its function. So, if you are the one with enough knowledge about computers and their different functions and software. You can start it as one of your side hustle.

19- Creator of marketing content (copywriter)

Writing content for different niches is one of the most profitable business ideas. Bloggers, business owners, and online commerce site holders, etc. all need quality content to promote their business. so, you are an expert to write about different topics with excellent content to retain the readers on the page and ultimately convince them to be a potential customer. You have a bright future in the online market. what are you waiting for? get started with making your online presence by registering yourself on multiple sites. like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

20- Expert social networks

online marketing is the most favorite trend in the business world nowadays. Different social media platforms are being used in this regard. like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.

Social media expert a successful online business idea.
use social media for business promotion

Although it is very interesting and easy most of the businessmen don’t have time to manage their sites and business pages. So, if you have the ability to do this get registered online and preset your ideas to tell them about your strategy. Soon you will get some tasks to fulfill. Click here to learn in detail about the social media manager.

21- Google Ad Specialist

Everything is in the title, in the very beginning of the business, some business owner uses google AdWords campaign to keep their business at the top on google. the aim to promote the business fast. meanwhile, proper SEO services can be hired to giving an athletic ranking top on google. So if you have deep knowledge about the google award campaign system. You can start it parallel with your normal work as a side hustle.

22- Marketing Advisor

Starting in any business is easy but it does mean that you will be a successful businessman. Most of the firms produce the products but they fail to sell it in the market, actually, they fail to catch their potential customers. Here is the space for marketing advisers. they use their marketing skills and strategy to make the business profitable. It can be started as a freelancer also. If you have strong marketing skills, techniques to approach the customers, with experience in a specific field, you can offer your services.

Get it as one of the best and booming online business ideas. Click to learn about the details for a career in digital marketing field.

23- SEO Expert / Consultant:

Most successful online business ideas

Countless websites, web pages, blogs are being created every day. Important thing is to rank those websites, pages, and blogs on google. everyone wants to bring his site on Rank #1 in Google but most people don’t know the process. So, you are an SEO expert or have enough knowledge about Search engine optimization, come and step in this digital market and start handsome earning. knowledge about ahref, google analytics, Moz, Semrush, etc. can provide great help to review customer’s sites and doing its analysis. Click for a detailed study of SEO experts. Note, beware about alternate day changing from Search engines.

24- Facebook advertising consultant

In the current laptop world, businesses are being managed through online facilities. Advertisement is a must to run a business for the best earning. there are more advertising platforms, but Facebook has its own identity and stand in the advertising market. same as google add master, you can choose Facebook for the advertising purpose. if YOu are an expert on Facebook you can choose it like you one of the unique online business ideas.

For the advertising business, you need to search and contact the small business and company owners. It is your duty to convince them to come to the online advertisement field. especially through Facebook because it has become one the most visiting site today.

25- Productivity Consultant

The value of time is understood by everyone. it is as precious as life. Time management is an art, that is not with all. When you consume your time well it becomes more valuable. It is a key factor in the productivity of your business. If you use it well you can improve your productivity to peaks as well. here is the playfield for experts, of course for you also, if you have the same expertise. help busy personalities to manage their time on daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Start it as an idea of business for you.

26- CV Writing Expert:

If you have word stocks about multiple business categories, and you know the art of placing it on the paper. then what are you waiting for, start it as a business of CV writing by using different online platforms like Facebook, etc. and help the people to get started their careers. it can be the best and unique online business ideas.

Cv writing an interesting online business idea

27- Seller On Etsy

Do you have the talent to create homemade products?

most successful online business ideas
DIY whatever you can

Coming Soon

28- Seller on TeeSpring

coming Soon

29- Seller on Amazon (shipped from Amazon)

Profitable online business ideas

Coming soon

30- Commercial to the commission

Coming soon

31- ​​Distributor of patented products

Coming soon

32- Buyer-reseller on eBay

coming soon

33- Buyer of existing websites

Coming soon

34- Airbnb Host

Coming soon

35- Real Estate Advisor

coming soon

36- Independent accountant

coming soon

37- Tax Specialist

coming soon

38- After-sales service manager

coming soon

39- Translator

Although google helps more to translate multiple languages into the desired one, still there is real need a good native translator to translate the text properly. Google has limitations and sometimes doesn’t show 100% results. So, if you are an expert in some specific languages and have the ability to transfer your knowledge properly into valuable content. there is a vast online market to assist your passion. Different social media platforms can be used to advertise yourself and potential customers. most of the writers from different regions always need to have someone to translate their books, etc. into other worldwide languages.

40- Virtual Assistant

Most of the business organizations don’t hire business assistants on full time job to save their money.

unique online business ideas

They prefer to use the services of a virtual assistant. which is become more effective and economically useful. The idea of virtual assistant hiring is spreading in the business markets due to its numerous benefits. for example, no need for office space, charging will be as per work schedules not as permanent employees, saving from number of personal and govt. liabilities. on the other hand, it is very convenient for the guy who wants to be a V.A. Because A virtual assistant can maintain its time schedules according to his/her personal and social responsibilities. It is one of the best and unique online business ideas to start on your own time schedules. there are more fields and jobs are waiting for a virtual assistant. only you need to have enough experience and knowledge about the specific field.

So, ready to undertake in 2020?

Did you find your business idea? let me know in the comment below. have blessed lige.

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