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service station car wash
car wash service station

If you want to know the steps explaining how to start a car wash business with small investment? You are at the right place. Running a service station car wash is a smart way to make a lot of money. Now the size of this business has become very large because more and more people are buying vehicles every day that is why the demand for cash wash services is growing more than before. If you start a service station car wash, you can use it for multiple types of vehicles. The not only car you can use your car wash cleaning station for different vehicles like Pickups, Trucks, Carry van, Auto Rickshaw or even Motorbikes, etc. Click to learn about how to start a business from scratch-Step By Step.

Necessary tips to start a Car Wash Business

Location and Required Space for Car Wash Station 

It is a very important factor for the success of a car wash service station. Try to get or choose one of the prime locations, like Set your location in transport crowded area, it may be with the petrol pump,i-e petrol pump car wash station. Mainly it should be visible to everyone.

.There is no specific criteria for space calculations but generally space required for the following purposes.

  • Washing area
  • Parking area
  • Machine room
  • Waiting area
  • Washroom
  • Room for the workers

In other words, the average required space for the car cleaning station should be 3000 sq.ft. to 4000 sq.ft.

Cost for a Car Wash Service Station

The approximate cost figure can by $ 20k to $ 30k, cost is being given for a quality service station, with better equipment to work in a professional way in the urban area. it can be +-.

Car wash business equipment 

You will need to have the right equipment and supplies to get success in your service station car wash business. It is better to draw a list of car wash business equipment. The type of equipment you need will largely vary with the kind of services you are offering to the customers. However, the following list can be considered while arranging the equipment for your car wash service station.

  • Single Post Hydraulic lift for vehicles with control valves.
  • Air compressor(as per your required capacity)
  • Washing Hoses approx.50ft. Length
  • Lift oil
  • Air Hoses approx.50ft. Length
  • Different grease guns (mechanical, oil gun, service gun, etc.)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Foams or sponges
  • Miscellaneous items like car wash soap, car wax, tire shiner, brushes, etc.

If you are making a car wash business plan in Pakistan then It is also advisable to have a generator because of electricity failure issues. Water is a vital part of your business; it should be arranged and managed in a very good way. Always keep yourself ready to serve. You have to arrange a portable generator if you are running the mobile car wash business.

Human Resources Requirement:

One important thing to keep in mind while starting a car wash service station, it is human resources. Normally a car service station required 05 persons.

  • Owner or CEO
  • Supervisor
  • 03 workers

Offered Services for a Car Wash Service Station

It can be divided into two types of services. One is exterior and interior car washing services.

The popular exterior services:

  •  Vehicle washing
  •  toxic tar removal, etc.

Interior services 

  • vacuum washing
  • window cleaning
  • garbage cleaning
  •  leather seat wiping, etc. 

You can also add services like cleaning engine, car wax, headlight restoration, etc. if you want to enhance your earnings, you can add other relevant activities of oil and filter change, and you can also make a Tyre puncture point in one corner of your car wash station. All these steps would be helpful to increase the car wash business profit margin.

Pricing for Car Wash Business

Determine the pricing according to the car size, condition, and location of the car. You can also go for some combo offers at your car wash service station, for example, 25% off, some time 10% off, sometimes even 50% off on special occasions.

Create a price list for different cleaning services like the only exterior, exterior with the interior, only internal ceiling clean, etc. Offer a price that would be fair for the customers and profitable for you. There should no fear about car wash business profit margin; it is awesome, yes…

Payment Receiving Strategy for Car Wash Business

Another aspect which is important in your service station car wash,  give your customers more payment options to pay for the services. The more options you provide the customer in addition to cash the better for your car service station business.

Since the business is elite nature, using the smartphone as a tool to receive payments will be handy. You can accept credit card or debit card payments on your car wash service station, which will ease the process of payment for the customer. All these payment services will be a plus point of your business, which will convince your customers to feel free to come to your station.

Business Plan

A business plan for car wash or car wash business plan has its importance the same as other business ideas. It will not only help you in starting your venture but also in running and growing your service station car wash business in the future. It is most likely that you may not feel comfortable in writing the business plan; however, it is advised to take some time and write down. Because it is your business and will fix your goals and methods to achieve those goals as well as a time frame to get that all.


Another important aspect of keeping your car wash service station business safe is insurance. Talk to insurance companies and get the best coverage for your car wash business. Try to cover yourself on both liability and business insurance.

However, if you can’t afford, get your business at least a liability insured. Something is better than nothing.

Automatic car wash service station

automatic service station car wash
Automatic car wash

It is one of the best and modern aspects of the service station car wash. Although the automatic service station for car wash’s cost is comparatively high, It is growing very fast day by day because of its wonderful features. let us have a brief look at it.

  • Less time consumption
  • Reliability because of predefine guidelines
  • Easy to operate
  • Less noise with accurate performance
  • Uses less water 
  • Electricity consumption very low
  • Risk and error-free
  • Wash cars more than the manual system

Promote Your Car Wash Business

It is important to be looked like professional and trustworthy. It is always better to present with a uniform while working and print the business name, contact no and website on the billboard of your station. It will also help the customers to arrange their schedules conveniently.

Let people know about your service by distributing flyers, brochures. It is better to concentrate your marketing campaign in your immediate area.

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