How to Start a Petrol Pump Business

Hey!  Friends here I will explain all the details shortly about how to start a petrol pump business. It is one of the most profitable business ideas, which is equally beneficial in all seasons. In the petrol pump business profit will come all the way, it can be more or less but can’t stop. It is a very hot business to start. But the important thing is that it requires more money to start.

Petrol pump business
Shell petrol pump

Overview about How to Start a Petrol Pump Business

In the following, you will find a general overview of starting a petrol pump business.


For the fuel station, if you have your own piece of land, it is much better otherwise 1st  of all you need to arrange the land, as per requirement in Pakistan, it should be a minimum of 90Mtrs front for a petrol pump in Pakistan.  So minimum we need 40 marlas of land, but if you have bigger or larger than this, that’s cool.


Location is the super key to be successful in this business. Obviously, you need a place to continue and serial traffic. So if you have your land at a key point, it’s ok otherwise not only try, you must acquire the land in a visible area with a high volume of traffic. Because the Petrol pump business is all about vehicles.

Contact with Oil Companies:

The next step to start a petrol pump business is, to contact with oil companies. You have to make a contract with the Oil supplier’s company in Pakistan. it is necessary because when you establish a professional relationship with these companies, they survey your location and guide you regarding all important and necessary requirements to start a Petrol pump business. They will provide you a station map, having details about reservoir tanks, petrol filling machine fixing, and required safety measures and so on. Click to know about Oil Companies available in Pakistan.

State Permission:       

Like other businesses, you are required to get permission from the Government to start your petrol pump business. In Pakistan, you need to get permission from the Transportation Department, District Administration, and irrigation department if it is near the canal or river. The requirement can be varied according to different regions and states in the world.

Staff for Petrol Pump Business:

Yeah, it is obvious that to run a smooth fuel station business you need to hire proper personals that include Station Manager, Cashier, Salesmen, Cleaning staff and Security Personals as well.  The number of employees may be different according to your business location activities.

Safety Measure:

Safety is the most important factor to run this business safe and sound. As we know it is highly flammable, so it is a must take strict safety measures as described by the concern departments even more if necessary.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Friends, let us take a look at some important accessories to make fuel stations more attractive and facilitative for the public.

Canteen/ Tea shop: There should be one canteen / Tea shop for the drivers of long routes. They can get food and tea, coffee to make them fresh and recharge for their destination. If you have it at your petrol pump, it will be considered as a plus point for your business and attraction for the public.

Mosque: It is also necessary, because being a Muslim country, it is a must for the staff to offer prayer and will be a kind of religious facility for the public.

Tyre Puncture shop: Tyre puncturing or other ordinary problems can happen any time during your journey. So, in that situation, if the fuel station has the facility of the tire shop and puncture point. It can be beneficial for the public and a plus point for your business.

Service Station: Same earlier, it also a beneficial step for the public to provide them on their route. So, they make their vehicles safe for further journey. Where they can get oil change and vehicle washing facilities.

Super Market: It is also one of an important and attractive facility, you can provide for the public, which will ultimately benefit and boosting step for your business. Because Drivers and passengers will stay there for refreshments.

CCTV Cameras: CCTV cameras are also essential for your fuel station to secure the different types of hazards and dangers. 2ndly you can monitor your staff activities as well.

All these steps ultimately will increase your customer’s flow and will work as a business-boosting strategy.

Miscellaneous but Important Information

We can call it also FAQs.

How much approx investment required for the petrol pump: You need approx o2 to 2.5crore PKR to set up a petrol pump with 02 kennal lands. This is without land price.

Petrol Tanks Capacity: You need to arrange 40 to 50k liters capacity tanks, as per your need.

Staff Expenses: for the setup which we discussed here, average expanses salaries in the current view will be 1.5 hundred thousand approx. you can also include your electricity bills also.

Profit Margin: After all the necessary expenses, you will be able to get 2.5 to 03 PKR per liter. Other calculations you can make according to your monthly, daily sales, etc.

Bonus tip: Respect the customers, be polite and cool with them, also give your training on how to deal with the customer, to bring back them again. offer them ordinary services free. for example drinking water service in summer, front screen wiping or air pressure checking. These are ordinary services but have a great impact.

Finishing words:

I think this information will be helpful for you if you are thinking of setting up a fuel station. Stay blessed. Click also to take some other ideas best business in Pakistan as a secondary option. For Pakistani, Hindi people click to learn in detail from live video.

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