100% Flexible Money Making Side Hustles

There has never been a better time to make some extra income on the side. So, in this article, we are going to talk about different money making side hustles that you can do. That actually will generate a decent amount of income. let us get started.

The List of Money Making Side Hustles

Uber or Lyft

One of the first money making side hustles on the list is Uber or Lyft. Whatever you prefer, I am sure you have probably ridden with one of them, but you can drive for them and I am sure you know this you might have even thought about it. But it is actually pretty decent and flexible side hustle to make money. That you can take advantage of, and actually earn a decent amount of money as well. Uber and Lyft both have different earnings kind of figures that they advertise and I have seen anything from 30 to 35 dollars an hour, every town is going to be different. So, it’s just hard to know exactly, that what you are going to get until you start diving in a little bit. but driving for each one of these companies offers a lot of flexibility and just gives you some control over your own schedule. So it’s definitely an option to consider if you are looking for a good flexible money making ideas, to make some extra cash.

Clean Lots

It is one of the different types of money making side hustles. This is one of the interesting money making ideas. I stumbled across this probably a few months ago but basically this guy I think his name was Bobby, he built his own business. where he was going around to different local businesses, and cleaning picking up the trash on their parking lots, and he developed a system, where he is doing this and making over-or into the six figures picking up trash off, of parking lots.

 He created like eBook basically, where he shows exactly how to do this, and you know I am more or less telling you exactly what you need to do in order to get gigs like this and build a business like this and personally I just get excited when I see people like this entrepreneurial spirit coming out and this guy taking there is a little thing of walking around parking lots picking up trash and turn it into not only a full-time income but a really nice full-time income and so for this one if you like being outside you like walking a lot, it’s something definitely to consider.


  Airbnb is just like the first one Uber you probably have heard of this one of the best side hustles to make money. You might have already used Airbnb you might use it all the time but you can actually earn some really good money, just by renting out your house or by renting out even a room in your house, and I have even heard about students renting out their dorm rooms. So, depending on what city you live in and how well-traveled.  You could even consider that we have friends in town. Every time they travel and go out of town they rent their house out. In many cases, they actually earn money while they are traveling, because they are getting paid more from renting out their house, and they are actually spending to stay in other places. So, One of the big concerns that a lot of people have and it’s just something. I have thought about a lot is you know what happens if something comes in, just destroys my house, So, Airbnb has this million-dollar host guarantee where they will just take care of anything that happens. You know things are covered up to a million dollars which are really great. They also have the insurance, taking care of this host protection insurance. So if you are traveling if you are going on vacation this is definitely something to consider as a side hustle to make money fast. Because you could easily make a few hundred or couple thousand dollars depending on how long you are going. For step by step guide click how to start an Airbnb business, one of the other posts of my weblog.

Amazon Flex

Next, also one of the great money-making side hustle, It is Amazon Flex, it is basically delivery of boxes for Amazon, The Amazon is just obviously everywhere and they are just delivering stuff like crazy. Especially with Prime, Now they have this program called Amazon Flex, which is one of the best money making ideas, where you can get paid to deliver boxes for Amazon and apparently you can make 18 to 25 dollars an hour which is really cool and it’s also a very flexible one. like I say or you can be your own boss set your own schedule and just kind of control when you are going to do this. it’s much easier than driving over an address with GPS drop on a package off on the doorstep and the walking away and to be able to potentially make $25 an hour doing that, that is pretty cool.

User Testing

Next on the list is an app called User Testing and it’s an app website, this is a method, where you are testing websites and getting paid to do it and so there are a lot of companies who might have built a website and they want to see how users respond to it. if the website is communicating what they want to be communicated and so they hire testers to come on the website and to give feedback, So, does this landing page make sense, do you know where to click to get to the store or the checkout button and they will ask you questions like this and you just answer questions using a headset microphone and your job is just to answer questions that they ask you about this specific website.

So it’s really pretty and one of the simple money making side hustles. You get paid $10 a test and they estimate that most tests take about 20 minutes and so you are looking at around $30 an hour. now the only downside about this one is that I don’t know how scalable it is in that I don’t know that you could turn this into a full-time job. It’s one of the pretty simple ideas to make money.

Selling Used Books

Next on the list is selling used books and I actually add a link  for Selling Used Books – https://youtu.be/FafS-c4YaRY , where we go in a little bit more detail about this, Basically one thing I have done, that I go into Goodwill and find used books, then I used an app to scan that book to see what I could sell it for online and oftentimes you can go to Goodwill and buy a book for 25 cents that you might be able to sell for five or ten dollars online. So obviously, if you can repeat that a few times you can actually make some decent money. Like it is actually one of the very interesting and tricky money making side hustles. If you don’t mind shopping through Goodwill, which I actually enjoy I think it’s really fun this is something that you could do and earn some decent cash. obviously have a hundred percent control over when you do this and yeah a pretty good option to consider as one of the money making ideas.

Starting an eBay business

All right next up is starting an eBay business and that might sound more intimidating than it actually is. I did an experiment where I wanted to see if I could start an eBay business and I went out and bought basically some guitar necks from a wholesaler at a wholesale price, and then I resold them on eBay. I measured out my profit to see how much I get earned, and to see if this was something I could scale up and all those results were excellent. I found it really the best side hustles to make money.

So, if you have not sold anything in eBay definitely check it out like we have a lot of videos about it, and we have a really simple step-by-step guides, and just by doing that selling one thing you can get your feet wet to see if there is something you would consider doing but it’s a whole, less intimidating than it seems. and I will have one post linked up here down as well. if you want to check that out, and honestly  just starting or with the stuff around your house there is a great way to just start earning some extra cash and then if you enjoyed that then you can decide to turn it into a business if that is something that you want to do.

Freelancing with Upwork

 is a website called Upwork and this is one where I actually go to hire a whole bunch of people and basically it’s a community of freelancers who do just about everything. So, Here all kinds of different freelancers who work from this website, and basically as a freelancer you can go here and put out a profile and say that you do creative writing or maybe you do presentations for people or logo design or maybe you do web research or maybe you are a virtual assistant or you know any of these things and you just go put your profile out there say that you do this at your own price whatever you want to get paid.

Money making ideas

It is one of the best online money making side hustles to start. Most of my hires go through this site and I know a lot of other people who hire almost exclusively from this website like when you are looking for a freelancer. So if you have some sort of skill, I mean really this is just a drop in the bucket of what they have but if you have some sort of skill, that you could freelance with this is definitely something to consider, because you have a lot of control. So, you can have control obviously what jobs you take but also what your pay is. it’s just a great way to start getting some business and just kind of getting your feet wet with the whole freelance thing.

Rent a Car via Turo

And the last one of the money making side hustles on the list is about Turo. It is a website called Turo and I really love this one, because it’s like Airbnb but for your car. It’s people renting out their cars to other people wanting or needing a car so instead of having to go to Enterprise or Hertz to rent a car you can rent from individuals and you can rent for a fraction of the price, and a lot of times, it’s a whole lot easier and more convenient yeah.  I have also used this as a renter a lot. I have not rented out my car yet, but I have rented a lot from it, and it’s just brilliant so one of the things I love obviously is that it’s considerably cheaper than renting from the big car companies.

Money making side Hustles
Turo car sharing

On top of that like certain airports you might need to take a couple trams or a bus to get over to the car rental area because the airports so big and you know and sometimes that takes you a half an hour to get over there and stand in line and get your car and whatever else and many times one of rents from Turo the person renting the car will actually come right up to the baggage claim area. and I can just walk right out with my bags and hopin my car and so it saves me a ton of time as well.

Now obviously we are talking about being a renter and making money from this and they just have a little thing here we can see how much you can earn. And the value of a car is big. So, how much you will get paid. So, you can rent out a car that might be fifteen years old I think I have actually rented one that was probably fifteen years old.

So, people will still rent it because it’s going to be cheaper to rent but even if you do have a newer a nice car it’s something to consider as well because it will get paid considerably more. It is gonna depend just like Airbnb on your city and how much the demand. but you would expect they have insurance to cover any accidents that might happen and be on the renting side of things. It seems like a very streamlined and pretty easy process and as a renter, you have control so anyway if you have a car and you are interested in making some cash from it definitely consider Turo as well.


All right so these were some important ideas, which are actually 100% flexible money making side hustles. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you found some helpful. I had loved to hear from you down in the comments, what one you are considering doing. Stay blessed and strive for the best……
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