Low Cost Business Ideas in Pakistan

As we know, earning is the main factor to have a good life in this world, for that purpose if we have a reasonable job that’s cool, otherwise, we must search for some source of income. So, if anyone wants to start even one of the low cost business ideas, He needs capital as an investment. To resolve this issue, I have a small business ideas list, which I want to share with you. We will not do long discussion, here I present to you that shortlist of business ideas, Actually small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment.

Fruit shop

Low cost Business Ideas in Pakistan
well arranged fruit stall

It’s one of the very low cost business ideas in Pakistan. It is one of the hottest businesses. Because we live in Four seasonal countries, where we have different Fruits according to season and almost every loves to enjoy seasonal fruit. One of the great business ideas to start. For this business we need a shop, either your own or a rental shop, you can even start it on a wooden cart. The startup of this business doesn’t need much capital. It is an example of low cost business ideas with high profits.

Mobile Accessories and repairing

This is one of the most successful small business ideas in Pakistan. For this business activity, a person should have a technical mind, He doesn’t need higher degrees but should be skilled at least to understand the system and techniques of mobiles phones. Mobile Accessories will be an extra line to increase profit figures. For this purpose, you can buy Accessories from big markets and can get a handsome margin. It is also one of the low-cost business ideas with high profits. Click to find a list of top 10 best business in Pakistan.

Cloth stall in the weekly bazaar

Current days there is a trend of weekly bazaars In villages, even in cities also, there are specific places with alternate days for this purpose. in those bazaars, cloth stalls play key roles to promote weekly events and as well as generate handsome profit margins for the stall owners. It is the same as mentioned above one of the low-cost business ideas. Anyone can start with small capital. 

Plastic home item stall in the weekly bazaar

Low Cost Business Ideas in Pakistan
Home Plastic accessories

Same as previously mentioned, plastic home items is a profitable and favorite stall, which can be arranged with a very small amount. This is also one of the Small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment. If we look into our homes, there are numbers of plastic item are being used in our home. It’s really an evergreen business to start.


As everyone wants to be good looking, Dressing is a very important factor for our first appearance. So it is an evergreen business but for the skilled persons, No need a huge capital to start this business. It’s really one of the most successful small business ideas in Pakistan, as well as one of the booming low budget business ideas with high profit. Only a one-time small investment and a continued income generation. So, spend some time to learn stitching/tailoring and have a permanent source of income, No doubt that It is one of the low cost businesses ideas with high profit.

Laundry shop

It is another example of one of the low cost business ideas with high profit, which can be started with very low investment. Even don’t need much skill to run it. Same as an above one-time investment and permanent income. Just buy some washing machines with dryers that are better and a small surrounding area, which can be taken on rent. And get started.

Car wash service station

The service station is one of the fastest-growing low budget business ideas with profit to get reasonable income Because automobiles are increasing day by day in Pakistan. In the current period of time, everyone wants to facilitate his family, also the condition of traveling in public transport is not easy also not safe as well. Not only cars, but other vehicles can also be serviced to increase the income figure. A person having this business only should have some technical information to avoid damaging during the washing process. 

Tyre puncture shop

It is one of the very low-cost business ideas in Pakistan. Which can be started anywhere roadside(but take safety measures) or at some public areas, No need extraordinary skills to run this business. The person who runs the business should have knowledge regarding the change of tires/ Stepney and puncture repairs. The most popular place for this small business is Fuel stations and service stations.

Fast food shop

Fast food is becoming a highly growing business in Pakistan also. Day by day people is showing more interest in it. Burger, Shawarma and Pizza, Tikkka, Kabab, Broast, etc. are the main items. It is one of the best small business ideas in Pakistan.

Milk shop

Extremely demanding and one of the most successful and low cost business ideas. Especially in the cities. Milk can be arranged from the village at low prices. Here we need to be careful regarding quality Because it is directly concerned with human life. The refrigerator and freezer must be arranged to maintain the quality and to avoid loss. Some important instruments like lactometer etc. should be available in proper working conditions for time to time quality verification.

Vegetable shop

One of the very low cost business ideas with high profit margin in Pakistan, Also with high demand because of every home almost daily purchase something to cook in their homes. Very popular in the community and one of the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan. It can be started as a mobile business, Door to door service.

Beauty salon

Women also can contribute to improving their family life with this type of business.  It is one of the best small business ideas for ladies in Pakistan, Also highly profitable business with a low budget .it is equally popular in men and women. If the Bride needs to be ready from a beauty parlor, it Also has the same importance for the Groom. Business ideas can be adopted by males and females.


It was a little effort to help someone who is searching for or planning to do some business at a low cost. It is not the end of business ideas, Anyone can find more demanding, profitable and low budget business ideas in Pakistan. Just try to find people’s needs and wants. Step forward to make your life beautiful.

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