Kid Businesses That Make Money

Kid Businesses That Make Money

This article is not about child labor, But it is about Entrepreneur ideas for kids, in other words, you can say Business ideas for kids. Like others, I also discourage even condemn child labor strictly and support education for all kids. Here the aim is to improve their internal talent with administrative and managing skills from childhood. This article is actually a list of Kid businesses that make money. Because It is possible with different entertaining and interesting as well as earnings business ideas for kids. This will help them to be useful parts of the nation. Get started our journey…

Is the entrepreneur born or made? Successful writer Stephen King often says that “what separates individual talent from success is the amount of hard and difficult work the person puts.” Some children are born with a brilliant mind for business. Other children develop business-related skills such as investment and savings over time. Regardless of which of these two categories between your child, nephew or student, it is advisable to teach administration and organization tools in childhood to apply them either in your personal life or in business.

There are more business ideas for kids but here we will discuss especially kid-friendly business ideas that are attractive to children:

List of kid focused business ideas or Kid businesses that make money

Pet Sitting:

Almost all children love animals. That’s why it is one of the favourite Kid businesses that make money. Many pet owners require someone to take care of their dog or cat’s specific care while on vacation or simply for their work schedules. For a short period of time and ease. A profitable business for children can be walking dogs.

Pet Grooming:

It is one of the kid friendly business ideas, Kids who love pets and don’t have any hesitation or fear to be or to play with the pets. They can offer services of Washing and grooming pets to the clients from their community by starting a pet grooming business. It’s one of the best business ideas for kids in their vacations, etc.

Run a lemonade stand

Kid Businesses That Make Money
lemonade stall

It is one of the excellent kid friendly business ideas, it is much more suitable in the summer because ice-cold lemonade juice is great in the summer. Sell it at a reasonable price. Be careful where you set up your lemonade stand, regarding legal liabilities. Don’t fix on private property or prohibited spots.


Kid Businesses That Make Money

Young kids having a responsible attitude can start babysitting business for the parents, who always need someone as a caretaker or to look after their babies while they are busy with their social activities or away from home due to their jobs, etc. It is one of the best examples of Kid businesses that make money in their free time schedules.

Face Painter:

Face painting is another one of the best examples of Kid businesses that make money, Face paintings are very popular in different social, religious and sports festivals. Kids having the ability to do that can get handsome earning during those activities.

Hand-made gifts:

Kid Businesses That Make Money
crafts and crafts

If your child has an interest in crafts and crafts, it is one of the first optional Entrepreneur ideas for kids. Where he/she can carry out a creative venture: original, personalized and handmade gifts. It can be from a card painted by him or her!


Kid Businesses That Make Money
The kid is juggling with soccer

Kids who are passionate to do something different and extraordinary activities with their inbuilt talent. It is one of the wonderful Kid businesses that make money for them. Those kids can join different parties and contact with event organizers to show their talent and get a fee for their appearance.

Artificial Jewelry

If you notice that your kid has an eye for fashion, it’s really one of the most interesting business ideas for kids, Don’t hesitate,  just encourage him to make accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, among others. They do not have to use high-cost semi-precious stones. Nor do they have to be very complex pieces. There are simple and incredible designs made with wood, hemp and other materials that are salable and inexpensive. The best example of Kid businesses that make money to help him in his further studies as well.

Internet personality:

Kid Businesses That Make Money
Internet expert

Children swim like fish in the water on the Internet. Nowadays the internet is on everyone’s fingertips, kids can shoot funny or crafts making videos and upload it on youtube, daily motion, etc. most of the adults and children also like too many videos like this. It can be a good earning platform with time. Sure, and also one of the best booming Kid businesses that make money, It is all possible with adults’ supervision and attention. visit to learn about how to start an online business as a kid.

Sweet human:

This is one of the simple and kid friendly business ideas, buy candy wholesale and resell at retail price. They can sell them among their friends and, if allowed, with their classmates during breaks. It can be arranged by their elders or parents. Which will be helpful to increase their internal entrepreneur talent from childhood. 

Mini chef / Baker:

Kid Businesses That Make Money

You can always make money with food. There are recipes that can be prepared by children such as cookies, for example. These baked goods are easy to make and transport with minimal investment. You can also make more simple recipes like noodles with little extra care and effort. Definitely all the activities need elders’ support, to be succeeded in their kid focused business ideas. and you really have to do so.

Pint Caritas and globero:

These services are highly required at parties but can also be presented at special events such as community festivals. With a little creativity and practice, works of art are made on the clients’ skin.  It is also one of the best business ideas for kids, and a wonderful example of Kid businesses that make money

Musician or Singer:

Kid Businesses That Make Money
Music instrument expert

If you have a special talent for musical instruments or singing, you can play or sing at parties or family gatherings to earn extra money. If you want improvement and have an interest, you can take extra classes in your free time, like vacations and holidays. We have examples of the highest-paid celebrity, who began at an early age.  An example is “Taylor Swift”. It can be chosen as a future business plan for kids.

Balloon Twister / Artist:

Kid Businesses That Make Money
Twisted Balloons

It’s one of the most profitable types of Kid businesses that make money. Kids having the ability to craft different items with twist techniques, they can work at a different festival. Even they can make a contract with event organizers and can charge them. Need an artistic mind and elders support.

Cleaning services:

From an early age, children can get involved in cleaning activities. Being an extra hand can generate a source of income, not only in your own home but with trusted people who require this service.

It is never too soon. We all have hidden talents and we can all develop skills. You don’t have to go far to find clients, start offering your services to relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and family friends, etc.


It will also teach children the value of work and money while studying. It also will provide them with a valuable sense of responsibility and a productive use of time. Remember that they always require supervision and support, and elders should always be there.

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