How to start an online business as a kid

how to start an online business as a kid

This article is about Tips from an Entrepreneur kid, Who gave tips to start a business before you’s about using the time perfectly during studies at the school level. He shared stories to guide the upcoming kidpreneurs regarding how to start an online business as a kid. Basically he shared his views to teach that how someone can earn money through online platforms like Shopify, Amazon, etc.  during his studies. Let us have a look! Click to learn about the best online business ideas in 2020.

At Shark Tank(an American reality show), a 12-year-old boy gave a speech about how he managed to have his business. And how to make an online business as a kid. It’s real, you can search it on YouTube. Having triple his age and with a bag of Cheetos in hand, I realize something quite important: My performance is not the best.

Have you ever wanted to break the space-time gap and with this manage to tell your teenage self things of the future? What life lessons, learned from bad, would you teach?

Tips from Entrepreneur kid to start a business before you graduate

1. You will never have the time available to start a business again. Use it wisely

If you want to know how to become a kid entrepreneur or searching to know how to start an online business as a kid. So keep one point in your mind clearly that You will never have the time available to start a business again. Use it wisely.

A normal working week has 40 hours (unless you are Tim Ferriss ), the truth is that many of us have several jobs and sometimes even take the work home (which you end up doing at 10:25 at night ), and sleeping 8 hours is a luxury. I miss the days of sleeping a little more between meals and those free summers. You really have more time than you think. How to start a business at 13

It might be very difficult for most young kids to start a business at an early age. It is quite possible that they maybe don’t know how to start a business at 13. But kat began designing jewelry at age 13. Three years later, his hobby became the start of his business. For kat, investing time in his business had benefits because everything was based on the passion he implemented.

“One of my relatives’ Entrepreneur kid was 16 when he started his business. When he was in high school, balancing everything was pretty easy. When he went to college, He treated his business like any other subject or part-time job. He set aside a couple of hours a week and tried to fulfill the orders He had. This became more difficult in late or high sales seasons. He tried to perform several tasks while studying and working and he focused mainly on issues that required more time (new products, photography, web design, etc.) ”

2. Take advantage of free resources – the school has a lot to offer

The following is a dose of reality: after high school, your education will cost you. Another tip regarding how to start an online business as a kid is that Take advantage of free resources – the school has a lot to offer to avail.

 It’s your moment, so take advantage of it. You are forced to pay more for almost everything, from the bus to what you spend on entertainment. Many schools are beginning to address the need to develop practical business skills, through elective classes that are part of the curriculum. Laboratories, study classes, and high-tech equipment collaborate to achieve it.

How to start an online business as a kid
owl pillow

When we discovered Sydney, it was the smallest contestant in our Build a Business competition. Together with his sister Toni, he founded Poketti, with the few skills he had learned in the entrepreneurship class he took in 7th grade. Sydney perfected his business skills and helped Poketti to be an Entrepreneur kid before his first year of high school and to date, he continues to sell his invention – animal-designed pillows with pockets to store his cell phone or treasures – in his Shopify store.

The key to being able to take advantage of the opportunities that Poketti offers us is to be prepared, optimistic and trust in you and your business- This is what every kid should know how to become a kid entrepreneur with taking advantage of free resources in your school/college days.

3. Use your audience and take advantage

The 3rd tip from Youngpreneur for the kids who are keen to know how to start an online business as a kid is, that Use your free audience and take advantage of your classmates in your school days, Because in your adult life it will be very difficult for you to have a captive audience at your disposal. Your classmates can become your focus group to test a product and an integrated network in your school makes it easier to use a marketing strategy with word of mouth advertising.

Inspired by Sophia’s enthusiasm to sell charms to her friends at school, Clicks Charms began as a jewelry business but through a direct sales platform for children, driven by teaching them valuable business skills.

“Knowing how to start and have your business is extremely valuable and provides children with the tools to be successful, responsible and committed adults in the future. Almost any business made by a child can become a success, if passion, an excellent attitude, organization, and discipline are implemented”.

4. Make mistakes. The fall is much harder when you already have a mortgage to pay.

Being a Kid, when you are starting any business, Or still you want to know how to start an online business as a kid. There are many things you don’t know and the only way to speed up your learning is to try different things. Trying, failing and making mistakes is not something you can avoid. Learn to fall and get up quickly, but you should learn from that as much as you can.

On the other end, Starting a business involves risks, especially when you have a family that depends on its profits. Start now as youngpreneur when your expenses are low and especially when you don’t have to put the roof under which you live at risk. 

Nickson and his brother Juston, like any child, we’re not fans of these healthy treats, but despite that, his mother was responsible for instilling good eating habits. The duo started their own business when they discovered the benefits of a good broth – food that also improves your health, but is almost impossible to find.

5. Study – life skills and lessons are free

I am sure that formal education is more valuable, but it doesn’t have everything that you need to be an adult. Here is a tip for that kid who wants to know how to start an online business as a kid, that it is not only formal education that you need to be successful in your real life. You should be an active part of extracurricular activities, which will help you a lot to choose your track of life. I think that putting your children to work is a business that can be a great opportunity to create discussions about business (benefits/losses, risk/reward, etc.). For example Doug Tetzner, whose children already run business with Shopify.

 “Being able to show that you have had good and bad times when building a business and making your own capital is of incredible value and in some cases, it is much more important than a diploma that says you went to school for 4 years”

6. Take advantage of your parents’ adulthood

You’re young. Your energy is unstoppable, just like the possibilities you have. You can do almost anything, right?. In most of the cases, with the approval of your parents. If you are thinking about how to start an online business as a kid. So, keep some points in your mind that as a minor, starting a business can be risky from a legal point of view. In many places, you will not have the legal age to be involved in a legal agreement or have a credit card in your name. In some countries, minors (>18 years in most cases) cannot sign contracts. But parents can, in their clear name.

Moziah started his handmade bowtie business when he was only 9 years old. From that moment, this little entrepreneur shot his fame and is now in deals with Shark Tank and continues with his successful online store in Shopify, with the help of his mother (who is also employed in his business) and his grandmother.

His advice for other youngpreneurs, “First you have to understand what you like to do and if you can get money doing it. If so, just let your passion drive your business. A become an Entrepreneur kid. Click to learn about Kid Businesses That Make Money.

7. Do what you love – turn a hobby into a business

 This tip is about those who are trying to find, how to become a kid entrepreneur. So friend! Hobbies are business ideas that an entrepreneurial child can have and frankly, anyone. Turn a love of animals into a dog-walking business or the pleasure of sewing in a virtual store. Learn business and life skills to later take advantage of your free time and turn it into a business. Earn extra money.

Here is one super example of “Maya” is a super girl since she has more titles than Holyfield(American Professional Boxer). She is involved in issues of philanthropy, is a designer, activist and inspirational speaker, who also codifies, writes and draws. On the other hand, he is CEO of Maya’s Ideas, a business that began as child entrepreneurs at age 8. She generates her own eco-friendly designs worldwide. His business was born from his passion for technology and the environment.

how to start an online business as a kid, according to Maya? “Initially, it is important to know what your ideas are about. Start by having a diary where you write some business ideas. Be it a small thought that crosses your mind or an idea that you consider is synonymous with success, it is important that you have it in writing. Even if it doesn’t seem important, it can be useful in the future. ”

8. Give something in return

Donate a portion of your earnings to a valuable cause and use what you have learned as a kidpreneur to help propel young people who were exactly like you.

Together with other young entrepreneurs, I launched Ivory Ella – an online business that donates 1% of its profits to the Save Foundation of Elephants.

Advice for young entrepreneurs who want to know exactly how to start an online business as a kid must keep in mind that it is not so easy. “There are going to be obstacles that try to stop you, people who doubt you, but as long as you continue doing what you like and love, you will always go far and it will surely be worth it”

9. Understand that you are worth it

Understand that you are valued, It is a golden tip for those kids who want to know how to start an online business as a kid. Keep a hawk-eye on your competitors. When are they charging for a product or service similar to yours? If what you are offering is of comparable value, the price can also be compared. The advice of your parent or mentor can help you set prices, although you can also check online resources.

One of my best friends had several businesses when he was a kidpreneur and used many of his self-taught skills in his current role in Shopify.

“At first I felt guilty because I took people’s money to do something that I loved. It took me a long time to realize that these people paid because they valued my work and valued paying for it”.

10. Think big

Do you have an incredible idea for a product you want to sell? Can you offer a valuable service in your neighborhood?

In an article, Erin Yogasundram mentioned to New York Magazine that Shop Jeen was born when she researched salaries and thought she could do better on her own. she founded Shop Jeen in the university dormitory less than five years ago. Her first foray into entrepreneurship was at age 11, and she earned $ million.

End words:

I hope this article will be helpful for those who want to know how to start an online business as a kid.

The advice of our Kidpreneurs demonstrates the passion and support required to have a successful business while preparing for exams and graduations. Although time travel is not a viable option, it is not too late to listen to them. There is still time, get inspired and get your child to work.


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