How to start a business from scratch-Step By Step

How To Start A Business From Scratch
starting a business from scratch

A good idea is not enough to start your own business. If someone decided to start a business right now. To succeed, you must study the market, Plan it realistically and mobilize your troops to achieve your goals, and the most important thing to know is, how to start a business from scratch.

It is not a thumb rule that starting of any business from scratch is always hard or complicated. We need the best planning and hard work to make it successful. Here are important 09 steps to start a small business. These steps will give you detailed information about how to start a business from scratch. Click to learn about How to Find a Business Idea.

Let us have a look at these 09 important steps, which explain how to start your own business

Evaluate yourself

First of all evaluate yourself honestly that in which aspect of the business you can perform well, for example,

·         Making Presentation?

·         Public Speaking?

·         Accounting, etc.

These are very important questions to evaluate yourself. You can also take opinion from people around you. Whatever the result comes out of it, it will be useful to identify your strong and weak points. Just pick your strong points with you and take help from other people to overcome your weak points.

Search and target your market

To know how to start a business from scratch, it is most necessary to search your target market and your audience, find and approach the target areas. The idea is to register your products or services in a young and fast-growing market. In more established industries, you will need a competitive advantage to distinguish yourself (innovative product or service, unparalleled customer service, great prices, etc) it’s a good idea to go to a specialized research agency to gather as much information as possible to define your potential market, including the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and the time needed to develop your product. Keep in mind one thing while looking for how to start a business from scratch. Your idea will not be appreciated universally, you do only your work to produce a product or services which liked by a wide range of your target market or area.

Cost evaluation and Funding source

This is a complex but most important step when you looking at how to start a business from scratch. Entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the cost associated with a business. For example, they will underestimate the size of their working capital, or the cost associated with leasehold improvements. Some additionally overestimate their obligation capacity. To maintain a strategic distance from error, it will be a better idea to take advice from an expert or to knock on doors for guidance. Turn to suppliers, businesses, and traders who know your environment. For example, a bakery owner should meet flour factory owners to assess the costs of raw materials. A real estate agent might inform you of the costs connected with leasehold improvements. We must dare to ask them.

How much will your project cost? It should be enough for at least the first full year’s operations. Now the question is, how will you arrange it?

Self arranging

It’s good if you have already arranged by yourself, this is easiest way to get fund for your business. Now no need to go to banks or investors, or give up your control or ownership of your company or business.

Friends circle and Family members

if you don’t have your self-funding, then 2nd best option is friends and family. But tell them clearly about your total expected money to raise, how much minimum investment you are looking for and what will you give them in return.

Banks and Professional Investors

You should be well prepared before you go to them because they are ungenerous at the time when you really need them. So, it is better to go to an expert to discuss your business plan or much better arrange it is written by some expert before you go to either professional investor or banks. Be careful, they will check it critically and prepare yourself in advance to give the best answers to their questions.

Register your Business

It is most important to register your business with Govt. Documents or filing can be different for different types of businesses as well as for specific areas and regions.

Most of the basic requirements are Income tax number(NTN), sales tax number, and License or Registration certificate as per the law of your location. Click here to learn more about how to register a company in Pakistan.

Look ahead

Avoid putting out fires and losing sight of your long term goals. List all the factors to consider in the immediate and medium-term, especially if you expect rapid growth. To help you manage this growth, consider all possible options such as buying or renting premises, furniture, and equipment.

Along the way, that how to start a business from scratch, you will need to look at growth drivers, including energy and resources, raw materials, wages, financing, and technology needs.

If you have carefully assessed your growth potential, it is legitimate to think big. For example, if your company serves a particular niche, it could become profitable only by exporting. To get a better idea of your outlets, consult a national, provincial and regional export assistance services

Estimate realistic sales figures

When you are looking for how to start a business from scratch. Keep this tip in your mind that the first sale may be slow in coming. On the one hand, you will need to make yourself known to your potential customers, but also to break every step of the production and delivery of your offer. Take a conservative approach when it comes time to make sales forecasts, and rely on your market research to get there.

Again do not be afraid to knock on doors and ask questions to people who know your area. A franchisee, for example, will contact another to know his sales figures. These experts could tell you what conservative sales would mean to you.

Involve your loved ones

Make sure you are well supported by your family members. It is very important to let your family know what you are going through, but also to prepare them before you are going to take any steps to start a small business, regarding the impact your project may have on their lives, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Your spouse, for example, will have to expect to make concessions in time and money. The deterioration of the work/family balance is one of the most important obstacles to the realization of a business project.

Adopt a reasonable way of life

In the good days, but especially in those who will be less, learn to keep your emotions for you at work. This way of being will reassure your employees, your customers, and your business partners. To achieve this, adopt a reasonable way of life that includes physical exercise, a balanced diet, and a vibrant and inspiring social life. In other words, to know how to start a business from scratch, you should avoid isolation and find ways to keep both feet on Earth.

Write a business plan

Make sure your business plan contains all important factors. There is no doubt regarding the importance of a business plan because it contains the Goals of your business, methods or procedures to achieve those goals and also will give you the time frame to achieve those goals.

In other words, it must describe your business plan and the means to achieve it. Although a number of business plan writer software or business plan developers are available around you but write it by yourself. If you ask me a question that why should you write a business plan? Answer: because of it your vision and business plan that is to be developed. Expect to write it many times before arriving at the final version. Don’t be shy to ask for any help or clarification about your queries. Submit your business plan to experts, such as accountants and lawyers or other experienced entrepreneurs. Remember that a business plan is more than an accounting document. It is a tool that will allow you to sell your idea according to your expectations. Click to learn about How to Start a Salon Business Plan.


In conclusion, entrepreneurial life can be very rewarding. You will encounter many difficulties along the way. But don’t be discouraged, and go for it. Start your own business to make your life beautiful.

Stay blessed…


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