How to Become a Life Coach

Hey, are you wondering how to become a life coach? Stay tuned for the seven steps. You need to take to make that a reality. So if you want to really build a viable, sustainable, long term coaching business by the end of this day, I’m going to give you the roadmap with the seven required elements that it takes.

If you are interested to learn about how to become a life coach or in getting the truth, the honest truth, about the coaching industry, I’ve been coaching this industry for well over 12 years now. I’ve seen every template and business model and philosophy and system out there. And what I want to do for you in this article is, synthesize all this confusing information to give you a foundational roadmap.

That’s easier for you to understand. So now before we get into the individual steps I want you to know that this is a high-level overview of the entire process. It’s not an in-depth training into each individual step. Otherwise, this article would probably be 90 pages. But click here, if you want to know how to start a coaching business as a career.

Steps to know about how to become a life coach

Step 1-Desire to Do:

The most foundational piece about how to become a life coach is that you have the desire to do this. And your desire has to come from a place of service, and really truly wanting to help people. Because coaching is a unique industry in that it’s a pretty sacred and intimate exchange. When you step forward and say I’m going to help people, change their lives, it’s a completely different game. Or you are the product, you’re the face of the company, you are the brand your image is everywhere.

When it’s you, that you’re marketing, it will bring all of your insecurities up to the surface and that makes this 100 times more difficult than if you were just going to be selling some kind of widget online. Now if your mind is working properly, it’s going to try to convince you to stop. It wants you to be out of the spotlight so you can avoid failure and rejection. That’s what it does. It’s the main job that it has. And so in my experience, because it’s such a personal journey and the fears are really deep. The only way to really overcome all of those natural challenges in business is that you stay so connected to your heart’s desire to serve that, it overpowers and outweighs your head’s desire to protect. Otherwise, you’ll fall prey to all the mental obstacles that grab and stop. Most coaches from ever succeeding in this industry.

Step 2-Competence:

2nd step about how to become a life coach is competence, Competence means, let’s face it you’ve got to learn the tools of the trade and unfortunately in this industry with all the quick-fix philosophy’s in blueprints and one size fits all approach is, what gets missed a lot. Is that you kind, a need to be a good coach. I mean more traffic come to your Web site. All the marketing systems out there cannot sustain a low-quality product that’s in any business. So you have to become a high-quality product and really give people a great experience of coaching. Otherwise, even if you get first-time clients you won’t get repeat clients and you sure as heck won’t get referrals from other people, because they didn’t have a good experience. And for that you need training. I mean it’s like any other industry.

When you are learning about how to become a life coach, you must know that coaching is not you just showing up and telling people what to do or transferring the knowledge from your head into their head at least not if you want to be a transformational coach where you can really truly help people make tremendous shifts in their lives and change their emotional reality and shift limiting beliefs. It’s a very specialized skill set that requires time and commitment. If you approach it properly I mean you have to understand human behavior. You’ve got to understand how to change belief patterns at the neurological level. You ought to understand how to shift limiting beliefs had a clear emotional conflict.

There’s a lot of concepts you have to learn in order to learn about how to become a successful life coach, and on top of that there are techniques and concepts and exercises that you have to learn and then you have to learn when to use them in your coaching life, and when not to use them. I mean if you really want to get good at this there’s a lot of curriculum to consume. And frankly, if this sounds like it’s too much work, then I invite you to turn this video off and don’t watch any of my other videos because if you’re looking for the quick fix a way to short cut your success. I don’t know that way. I didn’t follow that way I don’t believe in that way.

If someone asks me, how to become a life coach, so, for me coaching is a sacred exchange. It’s a very noble art to get into and commit to but if you do it right you can change so many lives. And the honest reality is we need to earn people’s trust by being a good coach in order for them to hire us. So that we can help them change their lives. And if you’re not into doing it that way I can almost guarantee this wouldn’t work out for you anyway. Now the best way to get your competence is to go through some kind of certification program that will teach you the tools that you need to do the work that you really want to do.

Step 3-Certainty.

Now, this is my favorite one and honestly, I think it’s the one that’s missing for most people in the coaching industry. Certainty is the deeply-rooted conviction, that you know you are going to be able to shift some body’s life. And you also know the exact steps that you’re going to walk them through in order to make that happen. Hopefully, your certification program has given you that confidence and those steps but a certainty at a deep level can only be created and increased through practice.

So make sure you’re sort of Kassian program includes practice with other coaches and hopefully feedback with more experienced coaches. You can constantly develop that certainty. Now as I said I think most coaches don’t have this level of certainty and trust me, prospects can feel it. It gets conveyed energetically and the reality is if your prospect hasn’t bought your certainty they’ll never buy your services. Now how to get that level of certainty that’s rooted so deeply that it magnetically attracts the ideal clients to you are a much deeper conversation.

Step 4-Seekers:

Summer before is to identify what I call your seeker. Now the first three steps are more foundational internal mostly about you. But now we’re going to get into some of the marketing pieces. If you ask about how to become a life coach, as expert opinion, this is the most critical step but it’s also the biggest obstacle for new coaches and for coaches who are struggling. We spend hours and hours on this piece, just to make sure that everybody really gets this right. So please trust me on how important this is and if you don’t get this right, everything after is going to be so much more difficult.

So the key here is to identify who is already looking for the information you have in your head. In other words who are already seeking it out? And that’s a totally different energy than identifying a target market or a target Client and then going after them. I mean that feels like chasing and is coming from your perspective. So it’s much easier to just get in the way of people who are already looking to find a life coach. Now contrary to popular belief the more clear you are, the more you identify a single person, the more you will attract other people that don’t match that profile. Now, this is one of the biggest resistances that coaches have is that my stuff helps everybody. So, I don’t want to identify just a single person.

But the reason that it works is that when you lock onto a single person the energy in your language and your attention is magnetic. It draws people in, even if you’re not talking to them specifically. Have you ever been to a party or some networking vent? And among all these voices you just hear one from across the room and it seems like that voice cuts through everything else. all the other sound in the room and just gets to your ear. That’s the magnetic power of extreme focus.

Step 5-Get in front of them:

Step number five is to get in front of them. So there’s this famous marketing question that says where the best place to put a hot dog stands. And most people get clever and creative and they say it’s by a movie theater or ads out in the middle of a park. But the answer is right next to a successful hot dog stand. Why. Because we know that hot dog eaters walk that path to buy hotdogs. So what you want to do is find out where your seekers are already going searching for the information similar to what you want to offer them.

And let me tell you it is so much easier to step into the flow of a market especially when you think of people having buying patterns, and searching patterns, in social media patterns. It’s way easier to get in front of them than it is to try to change their patterns and redirect them over to you. Because chasing people down and trying to change them is really difficult and it’s exhausting. So instead of chasing and changing, I suggest attracting and inviting.

Step 6-Give them an experience:

The advice for learners, who want to know how to become a life coach, is that the world of marketing is changing our society, is literally changing. People are sick and tired of buying and then being disappointed by the expectations that they’re being sold, especially in the coaching market. This has been happening for years and years and years now and as a result, people have stopped trusting anybody that has anything to sell in this industry. So in order to succeed and be relevant in this new emerging market with this ever-changing buying pattern, we’ve got to give people experiences, not sell them expectations. So what that means is give them something that they can actually feel some kind of shift with whether it’s a shift in their body or a shift in their results, some kind of a shift in their thinking.

Because when you do that people will know the experiential value of your information rather than the intellectual expectation of what it’s supposed to give them and then they can’t deny it. But if they don’t get that experience you value they’re going to continue to question, continue to scrutinize, continue to be suspicious of anything that’s being sold in this industry. Now even though this might sound like it’s a huge uphill battle because people’s buying patterns have changed. They don’t trust us anymore. It’s actually a great opportunity if you have the guts and the willingness to be authentic to earn people’s trust and give them that experience.

Step 7-Offer them more:

Where this all comes together, which is to offer them more of what they’ve already tasted. It’s so much easier to offer your prospects. The chance to continue something that they’ve already experienced than it is to sell them something that they haven’t yet experienced. Now at this point if you followed the first six steps you already understand them they understand you and they’ve experienced your value. So it’s really a no brainer for them to continue something that they enjoy. But most coaches are not doing this. They’re continuing to try to sell their own knowledge of their own skills. From their perspective and not only is that unsuccessful. I think it is not respectful because honestly until you truly understand your prospect, you have not earned their business. So, remember this concept.

Serve them what they want to learn. Don’t sell them what you want to teach. And this is where it all comes together. If you invest the time and energy in doing it this way once these clicks your business can explode. But again most coaches are not going to do this because reprogrammed in society to go after the quick fix with this microwave mentality. This one size fits all approach or was given ways to hack success but that doesn’t work. So if you’re committed to creating a foundational sustainable business that provides extreme value for people you got to put the time in and it is absolutely possible.

And not only is it possible but you are important enough to change people’s lives. There’s somebody out there right now dying to get the information that’s inside your head. So that’s the high-level perspective. All the other details about how to market on social media are doing webinars or all this other stuff that people are searching for. It really depends on who you are, who your seeker is, where they are, and what they’re seeking. So please don’t go out there searching for this generalized cookie-cutter approach and try to get yourself into that template.

It’s not going to work. Start with yourself. Your unique attributes and build a solid business structure around you.

End words:

In this article about how to become a life coach, I tried to explain all the necessary steps to be a good life coach or in other words, you can take it as tips to start a successful life coaching business. I hope you enjoyed the content of the article. Stay blessed and happy.


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