30 ecommerce business ideas

From all the start-up ideas in 2019, it’s hard to pick the ones that are worth trying. The best is to create a shop in a niche that is both profitable and sustainable. The popularity of many of the ecommerce business ideas presented here has exploded recently and if joining the new trends may seem risky, the old adage “that risks nothing has nothing” has been more relevant.

Some of the unique business ideas for ecommerce in this list have been popular for a long time, which means they are less competitive, but also less risky. However, all the examples of niche shops in this list will help you to find one of the profitable and best E commerce ideas to make money.

List of business ideas for ecommerce

Here is the list of online business ideas that could earn you money in 2019.

1: Selfie Drones 

ecommerce business ideas
Drone with a camera

The drone niche is one of the best examples of a growing trend as well as innovative ecommerce ideas. Whether drones delivering packages, agricultural drones used for crop monitoring, or video drones taking excellent aerial photos, this specialized market is booming. By 2020, the turnover of this sector should reach more than 100 US $ billion. The popularity of selfie drones is booming. These drones can take pictures from different angles without using a boom and are an ideal choice for your business.

If you choose this activity, you will need to determine which market to target. Sell drop shipping drones for selfies to young millennials who document their lives and wanderings. Think of illustrating your brand with a collection of attractive photos taken by drones for selfies. You can also sell in dropshipping of toys drones for children or enthusiastic. When marketing in this type of sub-slot, do not forget to illustrate the joys of using drones. You can also sell in dropshipping drones equipped with cameras that can examine crops and take aerial photos at weddings or for commercial projects. With this type of specialized niche, it is recommended to choose high-end drones, potentially more expensive, because the target audience is concerned about the quality of photos and videos.

2: HIIT equipment

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts are one of the most popular niche examples in the field of fitness. The niche of fitness and weight loss are generally stable and prove to be profitable for many entrepreneurs. It is the most popular one of the profitable and best ecommerce business ideas.This idea of ​​a new company is mainly for those who want to follow HIIT sessions, and who require equipment such as weight, jump ropes, training balls, floor mats, etc.Sell ​​this type of equipment in dropshipping by providing you with AliExpress(a Chinese company). For ease of search, do not type “HIIT equipment”, but rather the individual products: medicine ball, ankle weights, jump rope, etc. You should not have a hard time achieving a high ranking in HIIT equipment research because this sector is not very competitive. You can show Google ads because most of these items are found as a result of a search. However, if you create video content that illustrates your brand, Facebook ads may be the key to success.

3: Smartwatch 

innovative business ideas for ecommerce
smart watch

It is estimated that in 2018, more than 170 million smartwatches have been sold worldwide. In 2018, the market for connected objects continues to grow worldwide and is expected to generate an impressive 75 US $ billion in 2020. In terms of watches, they are used to count the number of steps taken during the day or to plan daily activities, and it is a safe bet that innovations in this area will continue. Obviously, this is one of the best ecommerce business ideas which has a lot of potentials.As part of the niche of connected watches, you can sell in dropshipping a whole range of merchandise that you will find on AliExpress(a Chinese company) or any other relevant site: smartwatch equipped with heart rate monitors that will attract athletes and patients with heart disease. Think about GPS-enabled watches for anyone who travels or enjoys hiking and outdoor activities, or Camera-connected watches for those who want to take photos or selfies.

4: Mirrored Cameras 

Still little known in Europe, the cameras without a mirror (or mirrorless camera, in English) saw their sales increase, resulting in a reduction of the sales of DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex). Despite a large number of people using their phones as cameras, Mirrorless cameras have managed to create their own commercial niche as one of the best innovative e-commerce ideas.Although many people use the excellent cameras on their phones, there is a growing use of non-mirror cameras. These are lighter and more compact than the DSLR and are perfect for those who do not want to clutter. To develop your mirrorless camera store, emphasize their advantages over DSLRs. Create content that compares the benefits of mirrorless cameras to smartphones.

5: Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras are a kind of complete developed cameras, because of their practical aspect, but also their viral impact. Many insurance companies now accept dashboard videos as evidence in accident reports. Some will even reduce your insurance premium if you install a dashboard camera in your car. It is estimated that by 2020, this sector is expected to have a value of more than US $ 4.03 billion worldwide. And it will be one of the best ecommerce business ideas.If you choose to create a dashboard camera sales activity, you can sell in dropshipping many AliExpress(Chinese companies) or Amazon’s etc products. To develop your business, emphasize the utility of the product. Try to post continuously on your blog or other social networks, related videos of wonderful and amazing events that have been captured by dashboard cameras. If you choose this option, do not forget to blur faces and license plates. Remember to get permission from the authors of the videos before sharing them. Once you’ve developed your brand, when users search for “funny dashboard camera video” or “onboard car video camera 2019”, they’ll probably come across one of your videos if you post it frequently. Content creation (by publishing videos) contributes to the development of your activity.

6: Wireless Earphones 

business ideas for ecommerce
wireless headphone

A very promising niche for new entrepreneurs looking for the best business ideas for ecommerce.Besides being convenient, wireless headphones are a good idea to the start-up that is growing in popularity thanks to technological advances such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can sell the drop shipping of wireless headphones for ‘Amazon, AliExpress. To develop your brand, consider creating articles about wireless headphones and the different target audiences that use them. Also, emphasize their practicality. For example, create videos of people jogging, going to work, or taking their headphones out of their bag without having to unravel the wires.

7: Matcha Tea 

E commerce ideas to make money
Matcha tea

Tea is standing at #02 as most drinking liquid after Water in the world.  More than half qty of people consume tea. Tea consumption tripled over the last 20 years and more and more people are drinking tea every day. The popularity of matcha tea has exploded, due to its nutritional virtues. Among other qualities, it contains many antioxidants, strengthens the metabolism and naturally purifies the body. It is also very versatile and can be used in both desserts and salty recipes. In view of the growing number of matcha tea drinkers and the explosion of this trend, this idea of ​​e-commerce should prove one of the profitable Ecommerce ideas to make money.

Sell ​​drop shipping of tea matcha and tea accessories from Ecommerce sites. You will find a very wide variety of matcha products ranging from the tea itself to whisks for tea powder. You can also choose to sell cups and other accessories around the tea. Better create a blog and video to promote your product. Work on a long-term search engine optimization strategy to get an organic ranking of your products. Also, post Facebook ads for an immediate effect on sales.

8: Beard oil 

With the growing trend of beard wear, one of the most popular examples of men’s specialty niches is shaving oil. In fact, the men’s toiletries sector has about $ billions in annual sales. There are many success stories at companies specializing in beard oil. They make tens of thousands of dollars of sales each month. Other companies around the world sell millions of pounds of beard items every year. A high % of World people aged 25 to 34 bear a beard and the trend is spreading to other age groups. In the world, the men’s toiletries sector accounts for about US $ 3.4 billion, more than $ 1 billion more than the men’s shaving sector.

Grow your brand by selling drop shipping personal care products and shaving oils. Do not forget to buy some products to take your own professional photos, to position your brand as a reputable company in this sector. Beard images after illustrating / before your products will escalate your customers to purchase. Presence on social media will be more beneficial with good looking beard pictures. This will encourage organic growth in one of the ecommerce business ideas.

9: Phone Cases

The phone accessories industry will probably be worth around the US $ 121.72 billion by 2025. Although this sector is not limited to mobile phone cases, this one of the best business ideas for ecommerce is highly adaptable for all those who would like to take advantage of this specialized market. Note that the phone shell market accounts for 20.5% of the phone accessories business, making it a profitable niche.

Although there are already many companies specializing in laptop cases, there is still room for new shops. You can sell in dropshipping a wide range of AliExpress or Amazon etc products. You can sell dropshipping cases for iPhone, Samsung, wallet cases, and many more. 

10: External batteries

By 2022, the external battery market is expected to reach 25.16 billion US dollars. Also called “power banks”, they are autonomous and preloaded for later use on mobile phones and small devices with USB or micro USB. It is the ideal product for those traveling to remote areas with little or no access to electrical outlets. 80% of Internet users have a mobile device. Nothing can stop the growth of accessories like power banks, etc. This idea of ​​a start-up could be the ideal opportunity to make money thanks to the explosion of the external battery sector. 

You can sell the external batteries in dropshipping with the specific apps. Use different search-based marketing strategies (Google ads) and Facebook ads to increase the popularity of your store. Expand your business to other mobile accessories such as phone cases. A growing mobile’s electronics store maybe one of the most earning ecommerce business ideas.

11: Transparent knit dress 

As we know that fashion is continuously evolving, but knit dresses remain trendy for many years. If you’re dreaming of a fashion-oriented activity, consider including some styles of mesh, mesh, or mesh dresses in your shop. Offering different and more varieties related to women’s fashion boutiques will be a great approach.  Do not limit yourself to dresses; you will also find tops and lingerie in the same material. This idea is so in the air that you will bite your fingers not to have jumped on the opportunity earlier! Women are the focus of this idea. Mesh apparel is aimed primarily at women ages 16 to 33 and Facebook ads are the best way to market your brand. If product images are not appealing enough, ask influencers to wear your clothes and take pictures to maximize engagement.

12: Enamel Pins

best ecommerce business ideas
Enamel pins on the bag

The enamel pines are one of the most promising e-commerce ideas and their popularity has exploded for a few years, with no signs of slowing down. It is going to be one of the fastest-growing e commerce business ideas in 2020. From the most popular emojis to the kitchen, there are pine trees for the most diverse passions. They allow your customers to express themselves with fashion accessories that are easy to add to an outfit. To get the most out of your store, offer a selection of quirky pins that reflect your audience. Also think about developing your business with other niche specialized accessories such as sunglasses, jackets, etc. Adopt a generic brand name that can cover other categories as your brand’s popularity grows.

The Oberlo app allows you to easily sell pine dropshipping. Visually attractive, their marketing works very well on Instagram. Ask influencers to help you sell this product. They will be able to take pictures of them with your pines and share them with their fans. You can also publish photos of your pines on a colored background, place them to form attractive patterns and illustrate them as worn by your customers to develop your target on social networks. Use several hashtags to find new customers and grow your subscribers.

13: Men’s and Women’s Backpacks, pouches handbags 

backpack used by travelers

The backpack has been growing steadily for several years, making it a great idea for a new e-commerce company. Backpacks, once reserved for students, are now also used by travelers and employees who take their laptops to the office. You’ll see a revival in popularity for men’s and women’s backpacks, drawstrings and handbags, to name a few. The niche of the backpack is one of the promising ecommerce business ideas for a start-up because there is a wide choice of bags ever more popular.

Facebook and Instagram are good online platforms for promotion and developing your brand of backpacks. Start your marketing in August / September to take advantage of the new school year. The popularity of bags for children is decreasing, so it is recommended to target students. Think about marketing on Instagram, which you can illustrate with pictures of influencers using your bags to promote them. Give them a commission for each referral through their link to not increase your costs while guaranteeing sales. Also, think about targeting your customers by college and age group to find an audience on Facebook.

14: Cat-eye sunglasses 

eye-cat eye wear
cat sunglasses

If you are planning to start one of the ecommerce business ideas, the niche eye-cat eyewear may be the one you need. It tends to have reliable seasonal growth and has seen its popularity explode recently, making it an interesting trend. More than 3.5 billion pairs of sunglasses are sold each year around the world. You do not have to sell just cat-eye sunglasses, but you can make it the flagship product of your store. You can then move on to other categories of products such as watches, scarves and seasonal accessories to take advantage of sales throughout the year.

When promoting your cat-eye sunglasses, consider using influencer marketing on Instagram. You can offer your influencers a commission when they sell your sunglasses; you only pay for the products sold, rather than for publication on their page. Also, remember to use Facebook ads to target fans of other brands of sunglasses. Also, contact women’s magazines or other publications and offer them a free sample to include on their website or magazine.

15: Business Outfits 

Professional outfits for women
women’s attires

Professional outfits are a versatile business idea that you can develop in a variety of ways. For example, choose the niche for safety equipment, safety shoes, safety glasses, etc. You can also choose to address businessmen, selling suits, ties, dress shoes, and men’s fashion accessories. Finally, there is a niche of professional women’s clothing, which allows you to sell professional-style outfits such as dresses, blazers, blouses, etc. It is not recommended to combine these niches as they target a wide range of audiences. On the other hand, they all offer the possibility of developing other vertical activities.

It’s the audience you’re targeting that determines the marketing of your business attire. If for example, you choose to sell work clothes, your target audience will be people whose trades are in construction or care. You will sell products such as safety shoes and work coats. However, even in this niche, you will have very different targets: the buyer looking for safety shoes is not the same as the one looking for an outfit for the operating room. In the niche of men’s workwear, the shop is becoming more of a men’s fashion boutique. Your target will be men from 22 to 40 years old. You can choose various professional sectors, For example, if you sell costumes, you can target the financial or legal sectors. For women’s business attire, your clients will likely be between 21 and 33 years old. If you sell professional workwear, you can choose to target women in professions such as business, public relations, the legal sector, administration or public authorities. This illustrates how flexible this idea is and can be adapted to many sectors, depending on the chosen niche. That is why it can be chosen as one of the most profitable ecommerce business ideas.

16: Lady’s Pumps 

niche of the Lady’s pumps
ladies footwear

The niche of the Lady’s pumps is one of the most stable sectors of e-commerce business ideas. This idea is not new and has been popular for many years now, making it one of the best ideas in the long run.  It can be deduced that women buy either expensive shoes or large quantities of shoes. Anyway, this trend will contribute to the profitability of your company in your niche. One of the benefits of this business idea of ​​e-commerce is that it is not limited to women’s pumps; you can expand your business to other types of shoes and accessories such as socks, scarves, etc. To make your shoe brand profitable, consider promoting your store on Instagram. Inspire from shoe brands such as Katy Perry Collections to create your graphics, or to decide what kind of images and videos you want to add to your page. You can also use these influencers to promote your brand to their fans, offering them a commission for every sale made. Depending on the direction you want to give your brand, Facebook posts can also be a useful resource. Lifestyle photos like the Payless ShoeSource store and shoes on a colorful background hold more attention than a pair of shoes on a totally white background.

17: Bras 

The niche of lace bras has had steady results for years, but it is currently experiencing a revival. This idea, therefore, one of the best ecommerce business ideas, which offers strong growth potential.  To ensure an interesting turnover, your shop could also offer other types of lingerie, underwear and feminine accessories. Bras are the most purchased undergarment and constitute more than 55% of sales in this sector.                       You will need to use your creativity to promote lace bras in your online store because nudity ads are usually blocked on Facebook. You will need to take pictures of bras on colorful backgrounds and present them in an original way so that your advertising is accepted and attracts the attention of the consumers. For example, you could advertise on Facebook using brands like La Senza and Victoria’s Secret.

18: Compression Socks 

Compression socks exert pressure on your calves, for example, to reduce discomfort and swelling in the legs. They are often worn by people with edema or thrombosis, for example. They are tight, which improves blood circulation in the legs. If you decide to start this one of the different ecommerce business ideas to sell compression socks in your shop, Pay attention to the language used. This niche is quite complex because it is absolutely necessary to avoid any declaration concerning a medical effect. For example, say “help reduce swelling of the legs” rather than “reduce swelling” because this last statement could be considered a medical claim. These socks are a good addition to a medical product store selling surgical clothing and gloves. You could also choose to sell compression socks in a shop that sells sneaker-style shoes or orthopedic shoes.

Compression socks are sold as a result of consumer research. So make sure your categories and product pages are optimized for search engines, in order to put your articles forward. If you plan to use Facebook ads, consider using organic traffic through retargeting searches and ads. This will help you convert your traffic into sales if consumers had dropped their shopping cart or were not ready to buy on the first search. Also, create ads targeting certain segments of the population such as athletes or people with disorders requiring the use of compression socks.

19: Plus Size Clothing

The great clothes T are one of the most successful e-commerce business ideas. Last year saw an explosion of calls for inclusivity and diversity. An increasing number of retailers are expanding their collections into clothing for everyone, regardless of size. Since more manufacturers offer collections ranging in size, the available clothing styles are more varied. The large size niche allows you to refine your promotion and target it directly to a large audience. This allows customers to shop on a website, and they are sure to find their size. You can develop this activity idea to add big sizes to your fashion store. However, pay attention to the terms you use in the categories.

You can promote large size clothes in different ways. Choose organic traffic and optimize your website for keywords such as “plus size dresses” or “plus size clothes”. Since this is a fashion idea, you could also make a successful promotion on Facebook or Instagram. Include product publications on Facebook, and add a viral component to your posts to boost engagement and tracking of your page. Also add positive body images, inspirational articles, and viral videos calling for the love of one’s body. 

20: Bodies 

In the past, bodysuits were considered lingerie, but now they have their place in fashion. Nowadays, women can wear bodies like little tops. You’ll find a wide range of sexy bodysuits perfect for a night out or to be worn in lingerie; but also a whole selection of more classic bodysuits. Despite their growing popularity, the best selling season is mid-fall, around the end of October. You can sell bodies in dropshipping on E-commerce sites(Aliexpress, Amazon etc) for your online fashion store. If you want to find bodysuits to wear every day, look for trendy bodies to offer a diverse collection. Do you offer a fashion boutique? Create a collection of bodysuits to capitalize on this opportunity. It is quite possible to create a specialized shop exclusively for the sale of bodysuits, but it is recommended to adopt a generic name to be able to possibly extend your offer to other categories of fashion products as your brand gains in popularity. For example, see Forever 21 for inspiration for your brand.

21: Bamboo toothbrush 

Making of bamboo toothbrush for E-commerce business ideas
Replaced Bamboo brushes

If you are looking for one of the new and unique e-commerce business ideas, the niche of bamboo toothbrushes is at its peak. This sector shows a large volume of research for several months already, so do not hesitate to choose it. The popularity of bamboo toothbrushes is linked to a public desire to reduce plastic consumption. Toothbrushes must be replaced every two months, creating a mountain of non-biodegradable plastic waste. The bamboo toothbrushes allow your customers to adopt a greener attitude. You can develop this idea in different directions: for example, you could choose to create a shop specializing in bamboo toothbrushes, but you could also create one offering many types of bamboo items. Also, add these trendy items to a shop focused on teeth whitening products.

Promote bamboo toothbrushes through Facebook ads and organic searches. Facebook ads can target organic traffic, but can also generate immediate sales. Organic research is a long-term strategy, but can also reduce your acquisition costs. Also think of proposing your products in groups to increase the average order value. Simply selling several bamboo toothbrushes of the same type can be profitable for your shop; it also helps ensure that your customers regularly use your brand of toothbrushes.

22: Japanese Kawaii Plush 

The trend of Japanese boutiques is currently booming. You can sell kawaii stuffed toys, various items, and even Japanese snacks. “Kawaii” is the Japanese word meaning “cute”. Basically, a kawaii fluff shop sells Japanese stuffed animals; their appearance is special. Thus, all cute stuffed animals are not necessarily kawaii stuffed animals. Hello, Kitty is a representative example. However, do not forget that you can not sell any product whose brand is registered without a license. If you are searching for the term “kawaii” on Amazon or AliExpress, you will find a whole range of products such as soft toys, notebooks, pencils, etc. that could generate good sales.

It is clear that there is a market for this type of small ecommerce business ideas. You can target audiences that include kawaii products, Japan, or Japanese cartoons. In general, Asian women are the main target of kawaii products. But do not limit yourself to Asian countries; you can target people who speak an Asian language or who are interested in Asian cultures.

23: Hair Removal Products 

Hair removal products are frequently used by women to eliminate body hair. This is one of the best e commerce business ideas to make money. With this idea of ​​e-commerce, you can sell laser epilators, hair removal tools, razors, apparatus for heating hair removal wax, and other related products. Hair removal products can be the subject of a dedicated store, but you can also add them to a subcategory of your beauty shop. The advantage of marketing such an idea is that you can generate repeat sales because consumers are likely to buy several razors or hair removal tools over the wire. Laser epilators can generate large profit margins even when sold for less than market value.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to advertise this type of product. Niche products that can be considered embarrassing, such as epilators, are generally not suitable for Facebook ads, and retargeting may make consumers uncomfortable. As a general rule, those who want to buy this type of product look for them online and sell them when they need them. However, if you sell other beauty products, you can mention your hair removal products in an email.

24 Rompers 

Rompers are great Ecommerce ideas to make money because they generate a very large volume of research. If you want to start an online shop in the niche of babies, you can add these trendy products in a category. But do not limit yourself to babies: sell maternity products, toys, or children’s clothing to diversify your online store and offer a full range of items that new parents need. Do not forget that more and more parents are giving neutral names to their children; so it might be profitable to have a category of children’s neutral clothing.

The rompers are most often purchased by women. Mothers often buy their baby’s clothes, but rompers are also bought by grandmothers and relatives. If you choose to sell them in your shop, consider adding a gift registry that will help you increase the average order value. This gift registry will not do its own promotion, but you could create an advertisement targeting pregnant women and encouraging them to create a register in your shop so their loved ones can shop on your website. Marketing is so simplified since you simply encourage future moms to promote your shop to their entourage for prenatal parties and birth gifts.

25: Connected doorbell/video 

The popularity of video doorbells continues to grow, making it a great idea for trendy e-commerce business ideas. More and more people are filtering their calls; it is, therefore, logical that this idea extends to the visitors who ring the door. Present them also as security devices. This is one of the best technology business ideas for ​​ecommerce, which can be an individual product in a shop specializing in security, trend products or electronics.

Regarding the marketing of connected bells, I recommend a different presentation of classic e-commerce shops. These types of trendy products generally lend themselves to long articles detailing their benefits. So stay away from the traditional presentation, and instead consider following the digital homepage template, especially if you’ve chosen to present video doorbell as a security feature. The standard layout works for the sale of this type of product, but conversions can drastically increase if you create a more detailed homepage.

26: Artificial flowers 

artificial flower e commerce business idea
Artificial flowers

Floral arrangements for wedding decorations, artificial flowers suitable for both interior design as exceptional events. They also constitute a new business idea of ​​e-commerce in the niche of marriage, because a growing number of future spouses choose them to limit the cost of their marriage. You can also promote them to customers who want to decorate their homes or companies that want to sell floral arrangements to their customers. As their name suggests, artificial flowers do not fade, which facilitates their shipment. If you want to enter the wedding market, think silk flowers whose appearance is very realistic and elegant.

Promotion can be done in different ways. Think of Pinterest – the niche of marriage is very important on this platform, and you will reach a very large audience. Create infographic pins or wedding blog posts that redirect traffic to your website. The secret of success here is the constant dissemination of retargeting ads on Facebook to convert readers of the blog into customers. As they do not all know that you are selling products, it is recommended to retarget them once they have left your site. Organic traffic has immense potential if you focus on the ranking of keywords associated with artificial flowers. For this one of the classic ecommerce business ideas. 

27: Decorative cushions

Bloomberg recently published an article claiming that Millennials are finally leaving home and buying their first home. They are starting to buy more interior furniture and accessories than ever before. While we focus on decorative cushions, there has also been an explosion of home products such as cookware. Think about your turnover by capitalizing on this new idea. An interior decor shop or home supplies can be one of the extremely profitable ecommerce business ideas. Add a wide range of home items to your store to complement your current offering.

When promoting your decorative cushions, you can target two types of potential customers: 1) Female owners between 30 and 55 years old. If you sell interior decorating, run ads for different types of items to determine which one’s are the best performing. 2) Couples or young engaged, as they are likely to have wedding lists or buy a residence. They are therefore the ideal target for the high-quality products of your shop. You can even create a gift registry in your shop and encourage customers to put their list on your website.

28: Night Vision Cameras 

Night vision cameras are very popular with anyone interested in safety. They make it possible to clearly see videos filmed at night and can help in the prevention of crime or the arrest of suspects. They are also very popular in security and electronics shops. Their higher cost allows you to increase your margins if you sell them at the market price. It is one of the highly profitable ecommerce ideas to make money.

Potential customers are researching night vision cameras. However, if you’re creating video content about the importance of security, also capitalize on impulse buying. In general, SEO strategy is the most appropriate because it is the potential customers who are looking for products to buy. Being ranked among the long keywords in the security industry gives you the best chance of succeeding. Because of the type of product you sell, be sure to include long, detailed documentation that focuses on the safety benefits of this type of camera.

29: Sofas and inflatable mattresses 

Oberlo noted the growth in sales of inflatable sofas and mattresses. They are suitable for both sleeping in a child’s room and camping. This is increasingly one of the popular ecommerce business ideas, which is very compatible with other outdoor products or for the home. For new businesses, the trend of inflatable sofa has been growing for some time and has a slight seasonal peak in summer. So you have enough time to start optimizing the keywords of your online store.

Searches are very effective for selling inflatable sofas and mattresses. You can optimize your content to rank the keywords associated with inflatable sofas or air mattresses or even inflatable beds. These products are also very effective in buying impulsive summer. Create videos with people relaxing around a campfire or tanning in the sun. Placing these videos in your ads can be very profitable because they encourage the purchase of your products for the experience they create.

30: Elephants in Decoration

 beautiful ecommerce business ideas
Elephant in decoration

Elephants are fashionable in decoration and one of the beautiful ecommerce business ideas of ​​commercial activity. It has been growing since the explosion of yoga blankets. The elephant- themed decor can include tapestries, figurines, cushions and more. In some cultures, when children leave the family home for the first time, parents buy them an elephant figurine to bring them luck and protect them in their new home. These figurines are also used in feng shui.

When promoting your deco shop, remember to mention that elephants are good luck-bearers, especially if their trunks are pointing upwards. When creating your pubes, target the young engaged or newlyweds, because the decor with elephants in the bedroom is perceived as beneficial for fertility. Be careful not to claim anything in your articles, but rather to use phrases such as “we think that” or “maybe beneficial for”.

Which of these niche examples or ecommerce business ideas would you like to try? Share your suggestions for start-up ideas in the comments to help other entrepreneurs.


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