Business ideas for women at home-in India

We observed more progress in the western world, they are leading the world. Currently, Almost all inventions and trends in every field coming from the western world. What is the secret? Because, Males and females share the responsibilities together, while in developing countries almost half of the population is idle because only men are taking responsibilities. So, for personal and national level development, it is necessary that half of the population should not sit idle, they should contribute their share. Although a number of women working in Banks, Hospitals etc, still a huge number cannot go outside because of deep customs and household responsibilities. So, here I prepared one list of Business ideas for women at home in India. I hope it will help a lot to generate revenue without going outside and with very low investment.we can consider it Business ideas for housewives, home based business ideas for women or side business ideas for ladies as well. Let us have a curious look. Click to learn about Home Business Ideas for Moms.

List of Most common home based business ideas for women

Yoga Trainer

Yoga trainer women at home
Doing Yoga

Whenever we discuss the business ideas for women at home in India, 1st option which comes in my mind is Yoga Trainer. If you have the innate talent of being smart and healthy and so you do yoga every day, it will be helpful to make you fit on a permanent basis. As 2nd option if you have learned the yoga steps properly then you can train other people and convert your skills into profitable is a well-growing business nowadays. More women are working outside their homes and remain busy all day and they are not able to manage their fitness properly. So, you can approach and convince them to be a member of your learner team, which will be helpful to them and profitable for you. Click to learn about health and wellness business ideas.

Freelance writing 

Freelancing content writer
content writer

If you have good writing skills and have the ability to draft your thoughts or if you are able to write on a given topic, then you have a golden chance to enter in online freelance writing field as a writer. It is also a hot topic in the list of business ideas for women at home in India. writing, in fact, an art and freelance writing very easy. only the problem is that in the beginning, you will not get more money but with time and experience, you will become a good writer, at that time you can earn more money as you ask for. Click to know about Top Online Business Ideas for Beginners.


Women as Youtube Vloggers

Vlogging which is actually Video Blogging is a very interesting and successful online business idea for women and men. Video blogging i-e to make videos for your audience, Doesn’t mean that you need a high-quality camera. You can even start vlogging with your smartphone having good pixel quality. It is very easy, low cost and most important that women can do this parallel with their household responsibilities, Better choose it one of the Business ideas for housewives. Women can share their favorite cooking tips through vlogging, they can catch funny moments of their kids and share it, if have knowledge and experience in health or beauty, they can share it with the audience and can convert their hobbies and passions into profitable business ideas.  

Start Clothes Stitching business

Business ideas for women at home
sewing the clothes

Most of the women have the stitching talent, that is it can be chosen as women friendly Business ideas for women at home in India, fortunately, the trend of stitching the clothes as a home based business ideas for women is growing very fast. there is a number of women who have already started it and getting reasonable money.there is nothing to stop you from designing and stitching your clothes by setting up a separate space in your home. it can be started with very low investment. It is one of the perfect examples of home-based business ideas for women.

Parcel food service to the locality

Business ideas for women at home
Tiffen service

This is an excellent and evergreen home-based business for women, especially business ideas for women at home in India for those women who love to cook and can cook a tasty meal with quality. With a little promotion effort, The list of your customers will increase day by day and nothing can stop you from being a business lady in the world of food. You can bake or cook more items you like. People are working in offices or markets love this kind of fresh, healthy and hygienic food.

Turn your hobby into a business

Side Business ideas for women
Homemade items soap and face wash

Liking of organic products is increasing day by day, and people are becoming crazy about it. Making beauty products by women at home has become an increasing trend today. Importance of Indian herbal products has been appreciating all over the, if you have proper knowledge in this field, and have the passion to do something can be adopted as one of the growing business ideas for women at home in India. Examples of home based business for women are Soaps, homemade face washes, and bath oils, etc . other than health you can choose also photography, artificial jewelry, painting, embroidery, etc. So turn anything out of your hobby into a business and improve your living standard.

Graphic Designing business for women

If you have a creative mind and you can convert your ideas and imaginations into wonderful, colorful, and eye catching images, Then you should dare to enter the world of Graphic designing. If there is a problem to go outside the home, don’t hesitate, because you can address your home responsibilities while doing this. You can set up your own schedules. It is one of the low cost online Business ideas for women at home. As soon as you created your portfolio and got a tag of reputed designer, you would find offers like rain.innate creative skills with adaptable and motivated attitude are the golden keys for this business, if you have it, this is the best business idea for you and any other woman like you.

Language Tutor

If you have learned more languages or you know different languages by luck because of living in a foreign country. You can use your skills for earnings. Adopt it as one of the examples of side business ideas for ladies by starting a language tutorial for young ones. you can start it today by preparing your content for the day. you can even start at home with an online facility or you can arrange a specific small space as a classroom for offline students. whatever this or that you are completely independent to make your schedules. Whatever online or offline it is one of the best business ideas for women at home in India or anywhere in the world.

Women Masseuse / Massage business

Women Massage
Women Masseuse

If you have experience in massaging and you are also a certified Masseuse, you can start it as a business at home, especially for women, which is also safer for them. As a 2nd option, you can provide services to home ladies(who are looking for someone spa experienced) at their homes. It is a cheaper idea with very low investment. You will have only a small bag with skin nourishment and skincare products. you need to explain the benefits of massage for women especially, you can take it as a promotional technique of your business. In fact, it’s a wonderful example of home based business ideas for women in India.

Women’s physiotherapy sessions

Most of the old women prefer to get the sessions for physiotherapy but especially by the female physiotherapist. So, if you have some training and experience with certifications better. then you can start this activity as a home business. you can arrange sessions at home or you can visit your female (especially senior citizens)customers’ home to feel them more can be started as one of the side business ideas for ladies at home in India.

Dance instructor

Dance instructor for women in India
women Dance Instructor

If you have expertise in choreography, being a women instructor you can start it as a home based business, only for women. Most women avoid to mix up with males and prefer to go, female is also safe and secure for them from any unwanted incident. Dance is very common in India and you have a huge market. Really one of the most profitable business ideas for women at home in India.


Be brave and step forward, it will really be an amazing experience and you will be surprised. This list of home based business ideas for women at home in India. It’s just guidance, I am sure you can find better than this. Just dare and do it to change your living status and be an inspiration for many others….

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