Best Business Blogs

Best Business Blogs

If you want to run a successful small business, you have to stay up-to-date on emerging trends, technologies, and new marketing techniques. The easiest way to do this is to start reading blogs every day. These best business blogs will be the most useful source to get helpful information. There are countless sources of tips, insights, news on the internet, which are useful to run a business successfully. The good thing is most of these are free of cost. Now here is the question, how do you know which ones are good and which ones are a waste of time? So, don’t feel awkward, keep reading you will find out.

List of Best business blogs

1-Fast Company:

If we talk about Fast company’s blog, it is not only unbelievably visually appealing but mentally appeal too. Its convincing, creative articles and case studies are amazing to learn regarding entrepreneurship, technology trends, design, business influencers and more.

2-E-commerce Marketing Blog of Shopify:

On top of its famous ecommerce stage, which is used by millions of online businesses all over the world. Shopify provides a special arrangement or array of beneficial tips and guides through Shopify’s blog. Although a big part of the content is related to commerce companies, a large portion is about to business in all fields, with the guiding tips regarding everything from social media marking to branding.

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Twitter: @Shopify

3-Octane Blog:

 Offered by the (GBN) global business networks of over 1210 entrepreneurs and EO i-e entrepreneur’s organization, The Octane Blog is an excellent source for all business owners, who want to raise their business to the sky. The main characteristics of Octane Blog are its snippets from best books of business, articles on seasoned entrepreneurs, guest posts from valued business bloggers, and worldwide reports of entrepreneurship and insights. It is really one of the most important business blogs, which you must include in your reading schedule before embarking on the entrepreneur.

4-Neil Patel:

This is normal to say that Neil Patel is an authority in the digital marketing field. co-founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics and hello bar Analytics platforms, Patel can list HP, Amazon, and NBC in his high valued clients, and is cited as one of the top marketers in the top ten list by Forbes. It is no doubt that anyone should read his blog, who wants to grow the business on the internet.    

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Twitter: @neilpatel

5-Duct Tape Marketing:

Duct tape marketing is about small business marketing by John Jantsch. If you read it on a regular basis, you will learn how to become a better marketer. It always gives ideas about how small business owners can grow their businesses. All know that whatever the situation, duct tape is superbly beneficial. While the duct tape marketing blog is no different. Enjoy the library of free ebooks and guest posts from marketing experts and all sorts of business.

6-Small Business Labs:

Small business labs are very useful to check if you want some best business blogs that will help you in forecasting and tracking the future of your small business.

7-Forbes: Entrepreneurs:

Forbes expresses itself as the main source of financial information and reliable business news. The leading source of financial information and reliable business news is the entrepreneurs’ section .as soon as you get past the irritating pop-up screens, their blog has the best quality content.

8-HubSpot Blog:

being the sales and marketing orientated giant. HubSpot supports more businesses with its big range of software products, which are packed with SEO tools, content management, and web analytics. The blog of this company spreads across three separate blogs for success for the customers, marketing, technology, and sales. Because it is a valuable resource in its own right.

9-Richard Branson:

There is no anything like learning from best, and no one comes better than Richard Branson. Who founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies of various sectors in the 1970s. He may have had his share of failures but still, he is considered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Britain’s. Presenting reflections on his philanthropic projects and business, His blog also features posts from Sam and Holly, his Son and daughter respectively.

10-Entrepreneur Magazine:

Before embarking into the business market you should read entrepreneur magazine. It publishes new stories and articles about small business management, entrepreneurship, customer loyalty, stress management, branding, investments, project growth and business in general. Millions of visitors visit the each month with its news stories and publications.

Final Verdict:

The most exciting, useful, entrepreneur blogs or best business blogs will not only support running the business but also help for revenue generation. Click to know about 40 unique online business ideas.

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